Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Playing with curves

I have been playing with my Quick Curves Ruler this week.  You might notice that these are not my usual fabric choices. The shop I work at needs new samples, and I wanted to see what I could do with the ruler, so I am making small pieces to show off different uses for the ruler.  Since the shop is providing the fabric for the samples, the boss got a say.  It's good for me to stretch! I have been enjoying playing with these more modern fabrics.  I'm not ready to give up my usual brights though!

The flower is a Spring Fling block.  It's a biggy: 22" finished.  The pattern is free on the Sew Kind of Wonderful website. The curves in this one were pretty easy to sew.

The aqua project is the Urban Runner, the pattern included with the ruler.  I found those curves a bit more challenging, but starching them into submission helped a lot!

Next up will be one or two runners made with the blocks from the QCR Chic Sisters pattern.  I'm not sure if it will be one or two until I make the blocks and play with them a bit to choose a layout.

After that, I'll take a break from curves for one or two quilts before starting my daughter's Chic Country quilt in those bright greens and a splash of orange that I shared earlier this month


  1. Not familiar with this new tool--curves can be tricky to make

  2. Ooh. Curves. These are very pretty. I really like the runner.

  3. I really like your brighter colors best too. I do like the looks of the Urban Runner. I'm wondering --- do you have a Curve Master pressure foot? It really makes sewing curves much easier, for me anyway. ---"Love"

  4. Your blocks are pretty, even if they aren't your normal colors. (I'm drawn to brights as well.). I wish I had more time to play with my ruler.

  5. Not my fabrics or colors either, but this ruler looks like fun to play with. I really like the pattern for your daughters next quilt!

  6. I like the aqua table runner the best. I've never used a curve ruler yet.

  7. They look great but curves are not for me.


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