Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sewing and sewing and sewing...

I am hopelessly far behind in keeping up with your blogs, and also behind in replying to comments on my blog.  I will answer soon, I promise!  Friday is booked for catching up.

Why Friday?  Because that's the day after my trunk show at the Quilting Connection quilt shop here in Ames, Iowa.  Until that's over, I'm staying away from the computer (Except for this brief update) and sewing and sewing and sewing because I said I'd have sample quilts for all my patterns, and some in multiple colorways.  Oops.  I gave some of those away!

Jelly Bean Stars in ISU Cyclones fabrics
So, I have a new sample of Jelly Bean Stars (but I changed it up, so maybe the pattern needs a re-write?).  It was supposed to be a sample of the Stretch runner, but the scale of the prints in those ISU fabrics was too large.  We live in the heart of ISU Cyclone country so I really wanted to use those fabrics, and what do you know, I didn't have a Jelly Bean Stars sample so that's where I used the fabric.

Starlight Wishes revisited

Then there's the sample of Starlight Wishes that I bought fabric for 3 years ago but didn't get around to until now.  Of course, because I bought the fabric 3 years ago and wouldn't be able to get more, I decided to make the quilt larger.

Remake of Wandering Geese in Moda Grunge fabric

Let's not forget Wandering Geese.  I didn't give away Wandering Geese, but that whole collection of Moda Grunge in rainbow colors that came into the shop just begged me to sew them up, and how could I say no?

These are all just tops right now.  I'll share pictures of the full tops (and maybe quilted quilts) soon.  I'll also reveal my latest pattern. I am very excited that the pattern and the quilt are making their debut Thursday evening at the trunk show!  Come by on Thursday evening if you're in the area.  (More details here.)  I'd love to meet you!


  1. Oh, how I would love to come! New Mexico is just a little too far away :( Your updated versions of the quilts are so pretty. I'm sure you will have a crowd and a very successful trunk show. Enjoy!

  2. How exciting for you! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Great quilts! Wandering Geese is my favorite. Sometimes we need to listen to our fabrics and quilts!

  4. Wish I could be at your trunk show too! I love looking at your quilts here, but up close and personal would be wonderful! I think maybe Wandering Geese is my favorite too, but I love Starlight Wishes also. Have fun! I'm sure you will, and so will all those who attend. ---"Love"

  5. Oh, my goodness, no pressure, right?
    Wish I could be there!!

  6. Best wishes for a wonderful show Joanne! You deserve the accolades for all the wonderful quilts you've made and are sure to make in the future.

  7. Wow... I went back to look at starlight wishes. Such a fun quilt. Good luck with the trunk show - wish I could be there to see all those wonderful quilts in person.

  8. I love the Wandering Geese. Your truck show will be fabulous! ~Jeanne

  9. Looking forward to your trunk show tomorrow!

    1. Joanne, yes that was me that posted! The memory isn't what it used to be. Really enjoyed your trunk show last night, and love your patterns! Keep 'em coming. Would love to take a class someday!

  10. Well, if I leave now, I might make it before dark tonight, but I also will probably hit Chicago at rush hour. Wonder how my aunt who lives in West DesMoines would like that surprise? (I also wonder how my disappearance from work at lunchtime would go?!) I truly wish I were closer! If you ever decide to take your trunk show on the road, I'll convince my guild you should make a stop in Michigan!

  11. Your quilts/patterns are fabulous! Have a fun trunk show, and don't forget to return soon for the big reveal! Well all be waiting!

  12. Like the Iowa State fabric and quilt! I live in Iowa-land, but always cheer for Iowa State, my and my daughter's alma mater.

  13. You have been busy. I love the remake in grunge fabrics.

  14. They all look great! Starlight Wishes is a new take on friendship star and I love the grung fabric. I used some of it in DH's quilt.


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