Vintage Sparkle almost off the UFO list

June 2013. That's the first time I mentioned any part of Vintage Sparkle and it was just a single block then, with thoughts of maybe making more for a throw.

Vintage Sparkle quilt top uses Jelly Bean Stars block and sashing, set on point

By February 2014 I had a queen size top and I was dithering about border options.  Borders didn't actually get sewn on until December 2014.  I made these too:

I forget how many prairie points there are in those rows, but I know they never made it onto the quilt. The quilt top and the prairie points have both been in a bin as a UFO for over three years.

This month I finally faced facts.  This quilt is not getting hand quilted anytime soon as I am much too slow and not even halfway through my current hand quilting project..  This quilt is too large for me to quilt on my home machine with the setup I have.  This quilt is making me feel bad every time I see it unfinished.  When I took it out of its bin to look at it again I didn't think I even liked it anymore.

My husband assured me it still deserved to be quilted so I sent it out to Liz Meimann of A Quilted Memory in Nevada, IA.  She and her daughter worked their magic and guess what?  You guessed it.  I do love it again!

I don't have a full photo of it yet.  A queen size is a little tricky on that front, and I'd rather wrestle with that just once, after it is completely finished.  Still, you can see all the pretty feathers and curlicues in the two photos above.  I will have to make time to put the prairie points on and finish the edge soon, then I'll have a full reveal.  I love that I am excited about this one again after all this time!


  1. Isn't it amazing how quilting can make us fall back in love with a quilt? It's beautiful and I look forward to the final reveal!

  2. I love the colors in this one and the quilting really makes it shine. I'll be waiting to see the final photos. I like prairie points on a quilt but that is still on my list of things to try someday!

  3. The quilting looks fabulous. It's such a pretty quilt to begin with. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  4. Nothing like a little time out to help you realize how much you really like a quilt. I’m glad the two of you got back together. I think it is beautiful!

    -Your husband was right.-

  5. Doesn't it feel so good to be close to scratching a long time UFO off the list??
    This is a very pretty quilt, and the quilting certainly seems to do it justice.
    I have a hard enough time getting borders and binding on a quilt. If I thought I had to add prairie points I would probably give up. Kudos to you for persevering!

  6. It did deserve to finish growing into a quilt. Love the rich tones.

  7. It still amazes me after 13 years of longarming how quilting changes a quilt so very much! Glad you love it again, it is a very pretty quilt.

  8. This really is a beautiful quilt! I'm so glad you went on to get it quilted. It definitely will cheer you now :-)

  9. Oh, it's lovely! Amazing how much quilting adds. I'm so glad you were able to love it again :)

  10. That quilt is so happy to be almost done! Beautiful quilting and so glad you love it again.

  11. Quilting makes the quilt! who said that...Angela Walters? This is GORGEOUS! So glad you sent it out and listened to your man. ;-)

  12. Beautiful quilt! Beautiful quilting! The prairie points will be a wonderful finish! I can't imagine getting all those around the quilt though! ---"Love"

  13. From what I can see, it came out gorgeous! That was a good choice to send it to Liz. She did. Beautiful job giving it new life. Kudos to your husband for encouraging you! He’s a keeper!

  14. Isn't it amazing how much better they look when they are quilted? And binding will make it even better - if that is possible. It's gorgeous!


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