Squirrel! (or Penguin)

Something happened on my way to putting prairie points on the Vintage Sparkle quilt.  While I was pondering the best way to do it (turns out it would have been better to put them on before the quilting, but that's another post) I got distracted. Squirrel!

Two patterns got jumbled together with some appropriate fabrics to fulfill a few of my daughter's quilty wishes:  penguins, Cuddle, and high school colours.

Orange and black are the school colours.  Grey is not official but I figured if the choir robes and marching band uniforms could use grey I could too.

The Penguin has nothing at all to do with the school.  Laura, however, has been hinting about a quilt featuring penguins for a very long time, so here he is.  He is "The Proper Penguin" by Robinson Pattern Company, and he is made of Cuddle fabric because she has been hinting very strongly about Cuddle too.  The Midnight Wolf (or Samoyed, in my case) worked out well this summer so I knew this would be a pretty quick addition to the quilt.

The letters are from Jaybird Quilts' book Alphabet Soup.  They were fun to put together and I'd like to play with more words when I have a bit more time.

I had planned to piece a few for the back of the quilt too, but time is an issue.  I am fitting this in as something fun between "work" projects, but I also want it done in time for her to take on the bus for band tour in March, so I think a plain back is more realistic right now.  Maybe I'll quilt the words in instead of piecing them on the back.

The layout is all mine, though it is Plan B.  Plan A was dreamed up at 2 AM when I couldn't sleep, and it turns out that even if I'm awake at 2 AM my math skills are not.  The name was supposed to be horizontal with the penguin at the end.  I have no idea how I though that would all fit across the quilt, because the name alone barely fit!  That's OK.  I think Plan B turned out much better in the end.

One month to band tour.  I think I can get it quilted by then...


  1. Super cute squirrel! Your daughter should be pleased and if she's not, I'll just change my name to Laura and you can send it my way! One month is plenty of time to quilt it...just no more squirrels!

  2. Very sweet! Does your daughter know you were working on it?

  3. This is absolutely darling! She will be the envy of the band. At least no one but another Laura could swipe it. ;)

  4. Yesss! I think Plan B is better. Just something a little more unique. What a fun squirrel to insert amidst your "work". Of course you'll get it quilted before they depart on tour!

  5. Cuteness overload!! LOVE the little penguin. You have incorporated the desired elements beautifully.
    I think I like plan B better than I would have Plan A, anyway. :)

  6. This looks great. Those letters are a neat pattern. And the penguin is cute. Squirrel!

  7. This is such a great quilt! Laura is going to love it with so many of her favorite things combined :)

  8. Your daughter is a lucky girl. I love the pieced letters and the cute penguin.

  9. A much more proper placement for a proper penguin :o)

  10. This little penguin is adorable, your daughter will love it! You have another winner design here!

  11. I love the penguin! It is adorable!

  12. That's a cute penguin and gorgeous colours. The letters are clever.

  13. Great squenguin!! LOL. I hope you've gotten it quilted up as it's about a month since you wrote this.... You'll have to link up with my March DrEAMi! as this is a perfect squirrel. :-)


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