Burst of productivity in orange

Sometimes a quilt design takes time to develop.  Sometimes a deadline helps move it along more quickly!

I have been invited to be the International Association of Quilters' guest designer for November.  I'll provide instructions for a block for their mystery quilt, as well as a quilt pattern for their members.  I have known about this since last December.  I did have a plan, but just couldn't seem to start on the quilt or the pattern.  It turns out that was because it was the wrong plan.  I just didn't know it until a looming deadline made me admit that I just wan't excited about Plan A. Once I gave that up, Plan B popped into the newly vacated space in my brain and moved along at a steady pace.

I'm sure this block must exist somewhere.  If anyone knows what it is called, please let me know.  For now I've named mine Variable Starburst.

Plan B morphed a bit along the way.  I planned to work in blues, as in the test block above.  I planned a layout that used 10 of these stars, each with different value placement, as an exercise in playing with value and placement.  That's where the "variable" part came in.  Then I thought to add a layer to "variable" by making a single star a different colour.  I went back to my EQ drawings and made one star orange and promptly decided I currently love orange and had to make every star in the layout orange, except the variable one.

I got as far as doing all the math, figuring out cutting charts and yardage amounts before the test block fell off the design wall and I slapped it back on...on point.

OK, I like the block even more on point.  I fired up EQ again and played with that idea.

This is kind of fun too, but those pieced setting triangles would be a pain to write up in a pattern. I do like the movement the diagonal elements add, though.  I went to bed undecided and ready to pitch Plan B out the window.

The next morning, in my free half hour before heading to work at the quilt shop, Plan B morphed into Plan C. I really, really like Plan C, so much so that I spent my lunch hour doing the math so I could buy the fabric before heading home. (But you know, revisiting both versions of Plan B right now I think fabric may eventually come out to play with them too.)

I'll keep the full design to myself just a wee bit longer, since I'm very close to being able to show the finished top, but here's a peek a some of it.  I love its clean, crisp lines and all that orange brightness.  Who knew I could like orange this much?


  1. I like the on-point version too. It will be one gorgeous quilt when completed. Wish I could attend the meeting and see how you present your new creation! I'm sure everyone will love it! ---"Love"

  2. Your thought process is amazing! I appreciate how you share the journey from the beginning. I really love plan B and can’t wait to see what you eventually decide on!

  3. I like plan B but C looks intriguing from what I can glimpse. I can't wait to see it all.

  4. Such a neat star! And it plays well in lots of configurations. I'm looking forward to seeing the full reveal of Plan C :)

  5. So I liked the first orange option and was like "ooh, how can I get that pattern...nokatieyoudonotneedanotherproject" and then saw the second and went "oh better...nokatieyoudonotneedanotherproject" and am now anxiously awaiting the final reveal. Of course it had to have flying geese in it. Do any of your quilts not have them? As much as I dislike them, you make me want to conquer them. (Nokatieyoudonotneedanotherproject!)

  6. Fun following your thought process. I'm sure the final will be lovely. I am kind of drawn to Plan B at the moment.

  7. Wow! I love all the layouts, you have some wonderful ideas for quilts. Blue has always been top of the list for my favorite color but one of my daughters likes orange so I used it in a quilt for her. Now I kinda like orange, too. It is a fun color to play with!

  8. Each new development along the way with this pattern has intrigued me more. I look forward to the reveal--and I think orange is a great choice. :)

  9. I'm not really an orange person, I tend to the cooler shades (blue, teal, mauve, etc.), but this layout does catch my attention. Perhaps it's because of the white background and the orange flying geese. Who knows? Can't wait to see the whole quilt!

  10. They are both really cool - but I can see the attraction to the on-point version. You design some really neat stuff.

  11. Ooooh yesssssssss!! I am not normally an orange/yellow person, but this has grabbed me. Kind of like juicy fresh Florida oranges. Nice and sunshiny bright! Look forward to seeing Plan C mature or will it be Plan D? :)

  12. You are the third blog that I read this morning with orange! Love your quilt and can't wait to see the reveal. I might 'steal' that block and do some up in purple this month. I have seen it before but can't recall the name.

  13. Congrats Joanne! Very deserving to be chosen! I love the blue and both layouts, on point and straight set...can't wait to see the final one!


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