Friday, April 10, 2020

Inventory quilt top nearing the finish line

I had a few moments of doubt about the stars for my Sparkling Inventory.  I pulled out various creams and golds, thinking I could inventory those in the stars, but they really didn't pop on the scrappy blue background.  I didn't take a picture, and those fabrics are are all tucked away in their bin again, so you'll have to take my word for it.

White popped on the blue, but I never built up my collection of white on white fabrics after I decimated it to make Milky Way.  The same white in all the triangles was very bland.  Ah ha!  How about that white Quiter's Linen "Blanc" by Robert Kaufman, the white with silver metallic texture?  That's not plain, and maybe the silver bits would add interest.  Never mind that what I had available was specifically earmarked for something else.  :)

Yes, I think that worked.

I liked the way that looked in the stars, but 10 of the same stars all in a row lacked spark, so I cast about for a second star fabric.  I found this grey with silver accents in a bin with snowflake prints.  I vaguely recall buying them all for a very specific idea that I fell out of love with, but clearly I never got around to re-homing the fabrics to their appropriate color bins when the original plan fell apart. Indirectly, this bright blue inventory quilt is making me take stock of what else I have!

Piecing went mostly smoothly.  I had a few bad moments one evening after piecing a bunch of the white and grey triangles.  Fun fact, the two shapes below are not interchangeable.

I knew this, yet after the first two I proceeded to sew the remaining 18 units in the wrong orientation.  That's what happens when I sew past my bedtime!

It didn't take long to rip and resew the next morning, and the rest of the assembly went smoothly.  Next, I need to decide what to do with borders.  The pattern calls for scrappy, but as I flipped the scrappy and non-scrappy parts in this quilt, I think I might do the same in the borders and choose a single fabric.


  1. I think a non scrappy border or if you have enough of the stars fabric a thin border and then you could do a scrappy blue border. Looks great! You need to make a green one :)

  2. Somehow I was expecting an even scrapper background, but I like the rows and how they progress from light to dark. I'm sure you'll do something fabulous with the border, so I'll be here waiting!

  3. Oh, those sneaky mirror image parts! The whole piece is really coming together nicely :)

  4. What a lovely range of light and bright blue in your Inventory Quilt. It's SEW pretty!

  5. Yes, a plain border would be my choice but you'll know what feels right when you see it. I like all the fabrics in your quilt especially the stars.

  6. Oh, I love the fabrics! I bet they are even better in person. You are making great progress!


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