Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dueling projects

I guess if there are three projects involved it isn't really a duel.  Perhaps "competing" would be a better choice of words.

Stellar Breeze had my full attention for several days.  I went through the usual "love it, hate it" cycle.  Working at night I doubted my fabric choice.  I chose Moda Grunge colors because I could mock that up in EQ and know that my local quilt shop would have what I needed.  I'm still a little uneasy about spending a lot of time browsing in a shop right now, so being able to call in with a list of what I need and just quickly pick up was an attractive option. 

3 purple fabrics

Anyhow, I loved the purples I chose until I looked at my design wall late at night.  In that light, my fabric selection seemed very flat and I wished I had different tone on tone prints instead.  The next morning, in full daylight, with the Grunge texture visible, I liked it better again.  We'll see how it photographs for a pattern cover.

Partial quilt top with stars in 3 shades of purple

I made great progress until it was time to add borders.  As usual, I slowed to a crawl there, and that's when the other projects piped up and demanded some attention.

Blue place mats with white and grey chevron s

These placemats won.  Shuffle was really quick to put together using strip sets. Again I used Grunge for ease of remote shopping, but it didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped this time.  The white and light gray fabrics seemed different enough when they were lying one on top of the other, but with the blue in between, there isn't enough difference.  They look very much the same except when you're up close.  Both my grown kids loved these, so we'll probably use them for home and I'll make another version for the pattern cover. These still need to be quilted, but I don't have backing.  I wasn't thinking ahead with my remote shopping!  

The third project my name while Stellar Breeze still awaits borders is my Temperature Quilt.  In theory, I'd make one unit each day and keep up.  In practice, I'm two months behind.

I took time to gather all the temperature data and get the corresponding color squares pulled.

yello, orange and red squares of fabric

Can you tell it has been hot recently?  I thought 1/8 yard of the darkest red for the hottest temperature range would be plenty, but at this rate I am going to have to replenish the supply.  I have made a start sewing these together and adding background bits.  Maybe I'll finish that tonight.  But Stellar Breeze is frowning at me from the design wall. Maybe sewing borders should be tonight's goal?

Decisions, decisions.  I think I need to go have supper while I think about this.  Tonight's menu includes grilled chicken Lemon Ceasar Salad and fluffy potato rolls.  I think food will help the thought processes!


  1. I think a duel with three is a Mexican standoff?! But I understand completely about long borders (or seams) bogging you down. But once you get them done, it feels so good and urges you on to the next project, too. As for shopping...do you trust the owner or employees at the shop? You might just give them an idea and let them shop for you - you might be pleasantly surprised! (Or have a disaster!) Mine has been open and I've been in a few times, but they are rarely busy, so I'm able to shop easily and quickly. Despite the troubles, the projects are all looking great!

  2. Your Stellar Breeze is very striking, and even with my tired old eyes tonight, I can see the Grunge textures in the fabrics. I love the table mat pattern; quick and I think maybe easy, but yet so cute and different. I can't imagine me even trying to keep up with your temperature "chart". What a neat idea that is! Good luck with catching up! I think you've earned a good supper and a good night's rest! You'll wake up tomorrow knowing exactly what you want to do next! ---"Love"

  3. I like the pattern and those purples look pretty.

  4. I think I may have found a great idea for Christmas presents using your pattern Shuffle! Could you tell me when it is available?

  5. Love the purple. And what a beautiful pattern. The placemats look great. All those thin strips. Ugh! I'm with you on the competing projects. I've got a couple battling it out right now. :-)

  6. It never occurred to me that you would need to be thinking about how a fabric will photograph for the pattern cover. Tricky! I do love those purples :)

  7. Oh, I love those purples, so pretty! The placemats are interesting, very modern looking. It will be fun to see the next ones you make and your kids will enjoy these. The temp quilt is coming along, yep, lots of hot days to record in there. Fall and winter are coming though!

  8. I like your Grunge choices for Stellar Breeze. Think about it--when it is dark you would be asleep under it anyway, so it only matters what it looks like in daylight. LOL
    Those are really cool placemats.
    You are illustrating why I couldn't do a temperature quilt. I never get anything done "a little each day", but if I got two months behind I would give up. Kudos to you for keeping at it.

  9. what a conundrum !! such fun!! all beautiful I like the placemat , just enough difference to be interesting. sounds like a great meal. Be SAFE Happy Sewing from Iowa

  10. I love, love, love the purples! I can just picture how it will come to life with quilting!

  11. Three fine projects vying for your time, Joanne. Happy finishing!

  12. Save some Lemon Chicken and potato rolls. I'll be around in a jiffy. What's for dessert? Stellar Breeze looks good (I like the subtle astro theme) and I'm sure the borders will reveal themselves in good time. By the look of those blocks you've had some warm days there. We are having a wonderfully cold winter.


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