Friday, October 2, 2020

Stellar Breeze

I really, really like how Stellar Breeze turned out.  I was working on a different design when just one part of it caught my eye.  That one part seemed to want to be the focus, so I started over.  EQ8 got a workout that day!

Would you believe that my favourite parts of this design are actually the two that I least like to sew? For me, the sashing and border are what take this from OK to "Ooh, I like".  They open up the design just a little, making it seem a little lighter and a little more delicate.

The sashing has the added bonus of coming between the points, so if the points don't line up perfectly, no one will notice.  Well, unless someone grabs a  straight edge and checks, but anyone who would do that wouldn't get a quilt form me!

Matching the border to the background made the quilt lighter, but the skinny border and matching binding work together to turn the borders into a frame anyway, without the visual weight of colored borders.

That said, different fabric choices will change the look.  I like these EQ mock-ups too.  What would you choose?  Light or dark background?  Brights or neutrals?  Something else?

My thanks to my pattern testers Sandie L, Kathi Kivi and Kathy Bruckman for providing valuable feedback for the pattern.  Check out Sandie's version on her blog, and  Kathi Kivi's  progress photos on Instagram of her lovely version in rich fall colors. 

The pattern is now in my shop.  Get yours at 25% regular price now through October 7th.


  1. Really pretty! I love it in the purples, but it is fun to see it in a variety of color combinations.

  2. Your quilt is lovely! I really like the narrow border combined with the binding too. I definitely like the lighter background; it seems to let the design float beautifully. ---"Love"

  3. Beautiful pattern, I like the narrow colour border!

  4. I love your quilt. You did a great job on everything. I really need to spend more time in EQ.

  5. WOW!! Another "stellar" pattern indeed. A good chuckle with your I liked the part I hate doing the most! Guess that is good motivation to do the part you hate! :) As for which version I prefer? How could one choose? Though I will say that KathiKivi's version has grabbed my attention, merely because I am such a fall person!!

  6. Oh, pretty, pretty! I love it in the original purples the best :)

  7. How about black background (you know me!) and brights? Great pattern and very versatile.

  8. It’s a winner and lends itself to many colour schemes. Your favourite sports perhaps? That would be red & white for the Atlanta Braves or purple & gold for the Melbourne Storm (even though I live in Sydney).


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