Monday, December 27, 2021

Evening Light

In anticipation of a brand spanking new year, I've been tidying up my sewing space this week, including refolding and restacking my sample quilts.  I came across Evening Light and realized I never shared it on the blog!  It showed up in Instagram and Facebook, but not here.  There was even a draft post, but I never hit "publish".

So, here we go.  Presenting Evening Light!

I'm grateful for the man crouching under the quilt, pretending he's a post, allowing me to attempt to artfully drape the quilt beside the prairie grass.  My husband is always willing to hold up my quilts for photography, but impersonating a post is a new twist.  I think it worked pretty well :)

When I saw the digital swatches of Island  Batik's Celestials collection, I knew my astronomer husband  would love it.  I wanted a design that would let that lovely suns, stars and moons focal print shine.  

I was thrilled when Island Batik selected the design for their Spring/Summer 2021 catalog, along with Sailing School and Bright Seas.  I made the quilt, shipped it off to Island Batik for photography, then bided my time until the fabric shipped to shops before sharing the quilt with you.  There's always a rather long delay between sample making, then catalog publication, then fabric shipping to shops, and  it's been stretched even longer this year.  However, fabric is now in shops and I'm happy to be able to share.

I've been playing around with other color schemes for this design. While the design looks very traditional in the Celestials fabrics, one of the alternate color schemes makes it look very modern.  Fabric choice makes a huge difference.  

I'd like to share the alternate with you, but I'm having computer issues.  Apparently the hard drive to which I save my EQ designs is failing.  It's not even 2 years old yet, so I'm a little annoyed.  I do have backups, but I'm going to wait to get the replacement drive installed before I do anything with those backups!  I'm a bit worried about losing things.  I may have wiped out a drive back in my very first summer job, 30 years ago...

Anyway, stay tuned.  I'll share once I get the computer problems sorted out.

The Evening Light pattern is available as a PDF download in my shop, or ask your favourite quit shop to order print copies from major distributors.


  1. Beautiful! It does look familiar, so I guess I saw it on another social media platform, but I'm glad to see it again. And learn about the "post" you used. My hubby moans and groans about helping me, so I'm not sure I could convince him to be that obliging, but I guess I won't know unless I ask! (Maybe I'll wait until spring?!)

  2. What a gorgeous finish on this one--those stars do seem to shine with those lovely cheddars and yellows...nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. Wow! What a terrific quilt! I love the colors and the layout. I can see why your husband loves it!

  4. So beautiful.
    I got a chuckle over the man pretending to be a post. :)
    Looking forward to seeing this in the other fabrics, though I am a traditionalist. Every now and then something modern works its way into my sewing room.

  5. You really picked a winner with those fabrics. I have trouble choosing batiks for quilts, however, one of my favorites is a batik I did at my LQS as a Saturday Sampler.

  6. This is very striking in the Celestials Fabrics! I would love to see it in the Modern view when your computer glitches are sorted out. It's a very nice design.

  7. this is a lovely the colour combination.........

  8. I love this quilt! And the fabric line.


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