Sunday, February 12, 2023

Did I forget Quartz Clusters?

Quartz Clusters was made last year, and I had to sit on the photos for a while before sharing.  I guess I thought about it so often that my brain thought I'd already shared.  I'm not finding the posts I thought I shared here and on Instagram and Facebook .  Oops!

I had a photo shoot at the park and everything so I'd be ready!

Quartz clusters was made with fabrics from the Baroque collection from Island Batik.   The fabric in the points is a multicolor batik print which added variety to the points.  They're all the same fabric, but they all look different.

As in most of my designs, the angles are all achieved with stitch-and-flip corners, so I didn't need to fuss with cutting and sewing triangles.  I didn't fuss with small squares for the diagonal chain elements either:  strip-piecing for the win!

I'd love to make this one again to see what more uniform points or a dark background would look like.  Until I find more hours in the day, or start making more efficient use of my time, I'll have to be content with recoloring in EQ. 

I'm thinking about red and green and gold for a Christmas version too... What colours would you choose?  Would you use a dark or light background?  

Happy quilting,

The Quartz Clusters pattern is available in my Etsy shop as a PDF download.  
If you prefer a paper copy, please ask at your favourite quilt shop.


  1. Well done & I love it in both the dark or light background. One for me day! Although I'm retired, life somehow still seems busy at times, although probably because we slow down as our bodies don't move as freely. (giggle). Love your photo shoots as usual. Take care & hugs.

  2. Usually I'm partial to dark backgrounds, but with this, they both look equally good!

  3. Oh, so pretty! I think I'd like to make a black background, with purple points and centers with gold chains--a color combination I have used far too often. :)


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