Monday, February 18, 2013

It was late…

The hubby’s new favourite quilt photo…


At 11 pm last night I was browsing my photos looking for a cover picture for the pattern I’m writing for this one.  My husband glanced over while this picture was on the screen and just started chuckling.  There’s something about those sneakers that appear to belong to the quilt…  “Hi there, I’m Scrap-Bob Square Quilt…”  Pretty soon we were both in the middle of a pretty strong giggle fit.  What can I say, it was late…


  1. Yes, definitely worth a chuckle! Stunning quilt all the same. Gosh it has turned out well.

  2. Small joys! Always the best!


  3. Funny how we miss things like that at first glance; looks like instead of just "flying", that quilt could also walk! By the way, those quilted geese are perfect for their surroundings. That's a great quilt! ---"Love"

  4. Cute picture, I can hear the giggles from here! I love your quilt, it is so bright and cheerful. It is good for you to have a giggle fit once in a while!

  5. Many of my quilts also have feet...some legs as well... It's so pretty. Again.

  6. Things can get silly when you are tired. The quilt is wonderful and bright!


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