Friday, February 8, 2013

Not such a quick finish

When I started pulling scraps for the small lone star blocks on New Year’s Eve, the plan was to whip up a quick project.  I suppose it’s all relative.  I didn’t finish as quickly as I had planned, but the project also didn’t stretch over half the year or more, as many of my projects do, so perhaps I can call it quick anyway.

Here are the stars


which went together to make this runner

star runner cropped

which, once I get around to quilting it, will live here:


IMG_6520I’m not at all sure how I am going to quilt this.  I think it will have to just sit there unquilted while I hope ideas will pop into my head. Once it’s quilted I plan to bind it with bright scrappy strips.

At the some point I’ll find a use for the 3 orphan blocks.  It’s interesting how fabrics play together or not.  I was sure the red and yellow star would go well with the others but as much as I love it it just didn’t fit with the rest, so I set it aside for now and made the pink one to take its place.


  1. Oooh, pretty blocks with pretty stars! Love it!


  2. So pretty, I love the beautiful colors you use! It's a bright spot on your bookshelf.

  3. You always have such gorgeous, vibrant colors; they are so cheerful! Great job --- again! ---"Love"

  4. Wow! It's fabulous! I love the bright colours of the blocks. Fantastic work!

  5. They are so bright and happy looking! You could do big quilting with bright DMC thread - maybe.


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