Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ridiculously tiny

Last night I was playing around with squares, trying to remember something I saw somewhere online about 4 years ago.  It was a way to make two 4-patch units using two squares.  I don’t currently need 4-patches for anything.  I was just, for no good reason, thinking about different ways to construct them and this idea just got stuck in my brain so I had to try it.

IMG_7112I had 2 inch squares in my scrap bin so that’s what I played with and the results were ridiculously tiny but also rather cute. Yes,these units are 1 1/2” across!  They’ll finish a 1”, so each little square will be 1/2”.  The really fun part is that I didn’t have to cut or handle itty bitty squares to make them.

I may make a bunch for Christmas ornaments because they’re just too cute!


  1. They are cute - I need to find out the process!

  2. Very cute, I love tiny pieces! Well, seeing them, not trying to make them. Will you share how you made them?

  3. Very cute indeed! Hmmmmmm ----- red and green! Santa's on his way all right! Now when do we get the tutorial? ---"Love"

  4. Okay, I'm just gonna say it. You're crazy. (But they are kinda cute...)

  5. Oh my, that is tiny but oh so cute! Did you sew along each side of the square, cut down the middle and then do the same again with the two parts together? Just curious how you made them =)


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