Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've got mail!

Thank you ladies! I'm racing my daughter to the mailbox these days because the postman is delivering more than bills and junk mail :)

These lovelies arrived Thursday from Mary (Stash Heaven). That magazine seriously interfered with my preparations for taking 7 Brownie Girl Scouts to camp, but I was more disciplined on Friday and left for camp fairly well-rested and well-prepared on Saturday morning.

Ann's (A Good Yarn's) beautiful blocks and goodies arrived Saturday after I left (good timing, those Brownies would have been disappointed to delay their departure while I leafed through this magazine too...). As it was, the package was a lovely surprise when I came home Sunday afternoon after a mostly sleepless night. The chocolates are a wonderful restorative.

Monday the postman had a little trouble fitting everything in the mailbox but he persevered. When my daughter beat me to the mailbox she did a little happy dance and presented me with three packages. (The rest of these pictures insisted on loading sideways. I have no idea why, but they will have to do.)

These bright blocks and goodies came from Liri at Liriopia's Legacy. Her embroidered block is superb, and the back looks just as tidy as the front. When it slipped out of the package I didn't realize right away that it was wrong side up and I puzzled a bit over what "AWOI" stood for... Then I turned it over and was even more impressed with the right side, plus the letters now made sense!
Marsha of Grandma's Quilts sent these pretty blocks and the quilted ornament. I'm saving it for my Christmas tree, and borrowing the idea for 2010's ornament. We add a new batch of homemade ornaments each year, and though the tree is getting awfully full and I'm running out of ideas I've been told the tradition has to continue. Thanks for the inspiration Marsha!

Kathleen (Seventh Sister) has an impressive variety of fabric styles in her stash and shared some bits with me along with her cheerful blocks. It's nice to increase my pitiful stash of scraps - I may manage a scrap quilt eventually!

Today I found Christine's package before getting the kids at school. I managed to restrain myself and leave it in the mailbox so that 1) I wouldn't be late to pick up the kids and 2) my daughter wouldn't know I sometimes sneak to the mailbox while she's at school (mailbox checking is supposed to be her special privilege). She doesn't notice a few extra bill envelopes on my desk, but she will notice a couple of new swap blocks on the wall!

Here are Christine's blocks - one showcasing her bright fabrics, and another from her Civil War reproduction stash.

Now that over half my blocks have arrived I've started playing with them:

Sashing? No sashing? On point? Hmm. I'll need to keep pondering. Whatever the setting, this quilt will have a much greater variety of fabric than I'd ever have chosen on my own, and that makes it just plain fun!


  1. mine are still here, looking at me, asking me to put them in an envelope (at the post office) and mail them off...maybe tomorrow I will be able to sneak out of the house. If not, I know Thurs or Fri I can head over either durring my lunch or right after work! I hate running this behind!

  2. Those blocks are going to make one wonderful scrap quilt. I really think this is the best swap I've been in, even if it hasn't been my turn yet;)
    Thanks for the compliment on my stash variety;) It's fun to collect stuff, and use it. I can't say I really have a "favorite" sort of fabric...variety is the spice of life;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. Firstly, I'm relieved that my parcel made it. Secondly, seeing all the blocks together is fantastic! What amazing quilts we will all have. You certainly have received a lovely selection of goodies. Cheers, Ann :-)

  4. So glad you like the package and the blocks. Who got the chocolate Tandytakes? I haven't been able to play with my blocks, yet, so I appreciate your pictures of the various arrangements. I think I like the on point setting with sashing. Do you have a favorite yet? Isn't this fun!


  5. A very impressive lot of blocks! I promise I will be mailing mine today, so you should get them by Friday.

  6. I have to agree - blocks in the mail is far more exciting than bills. I was sad to see all of mine arrive (the last one came from England just yesterday!), but now I need to start working on getting them together. I'm hoping for a flash of inspiration and I'm hoping seeing yours on your design wall will kick my imagination into gear!

  7. oooh pretty, mine will be off to you by Friday, I quite like them on point :) Can't wait for my month ..lol ..Karen xx

  8. Great stuff! Will you or your daughter be more disappointed when the packages are complete? Isn't it a wonderful combination of fabrics? Sure glad that Ann & I sent different magazines (I was worried that I was sending one from New Zealand).

    Kathleen is sending great fabrics--I'm going to start looking for more black & white. The cows first and now sewing machines. Ooh...
    Marsha's little heart will be great as an ornament or holding needles (Liri's plan). How cute is that picture frame?!! And the embroidery is beautiful--she said she was working on "something special".

    Liri is going to have to write up a lesson for the rest of us (well, ME). Front & back is gorgeous, huh? Someone told me that cross stitch should look that way too. Mine don't and it probably won't happen for me in this lifetime!

    Both layouts are wonderful. I'm already in trouble because both design walls are filled and it's not my turn yet! Mary

  9. It's great to see the variety in all the different blocks, the colors and fabrics are a wonderful mix! All the little extras are fun, too! This is a very thoughful and giving group.

  10. Okay now, you gals are driving me crazy with jealousy! *Big frown, and tears rolling down my cheeks!* What fun you are having together! I haven't had time to work on mine since I posted it, but friends have been really curious about it. Maybe next week I can get the borders on. All the blocks are beautiful on everyone's blogs! ---"Love"

  11. Thank you for the nice comment on the baby quilt. You guys are doing some really fun stuff with the blocks. I really like them on point. I remember a few years ago when we swapped quilted postcards. I just loved going to the mailbox then. Connie204

  12. Yea I'm so glad you like them!!! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. :) Christine


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