Friday, April 9, 2010

Satisfying the piecing bug

I have a backlog of quilt tops to quilt and finish. It isn't a very large number, but since I handquilt anything larger than a table runner, and I'm slow at it, I've got enough to keep me busy through the end of the year. I really shouldn't add to the backlog or I'll never catch up.

So, what can I do when the urge to piece something strikes? Table toppers and runners! They're small. I can manage to machine quilt them on my small machine on my small work surface. I get the satisfaction of a finish fairly quickly.

This one is a gift. It's not quite in my taste, but it is in the recipient's so I'll try to get it quilted and bound in the next week or so. I'm thinking of a pieced binding in the teal/blue fabrics. Who knows? Perhaps with the binding on it will appeal to me more. Binding transforms some quilts.

This one is for me, made with the extra swap blocks I made. I just had to have some of the blue for me! It also still needs to be quilted and bound this week.
And coming soon, I'll be adding another flimsy to the queue after all. My first beautiful set of swap blocks came this week, along with a few extra goodies.
Thanks, Katie! The pincushion is in use with my quilting needles already, and there isn't much of that chocolate left. For the record, my husband was very disappointed. I'm usually not a huge fan of milk chocolate, so he figured he'd get most of it. Well, this Milka is not your run of the mill milk chocolate. It's mine, all mine! Well, I shared a tiny piece so he'd know why he wasn't getting the rest :)


  1. Small projects definitely satisfy the urge to piece something. Your table runner is terrific - I love the colour combination (must make note of it). I like how you have pieced those *swap* blocks together. Another idea for a quilt finish with our blocks. Poor DH! Perhaps he can lick the wrapper? Cheers, Ann :-)

  2. I like that table runner...colors and pattern. I may have to keep that in mind for a dolly quilt - my version of your table runner solution. The blue swap blocks look great. And I'm glad you liked the package. I was starting to wonder if anyone had gotten theirs since they went out a week ago. That beaded thing (they are popular around here, but not sure how far the trend got) is a scissors "fob" - you attach it to your scissors handle when at a quilt function so you know which pair are yours. My mom made a bunch to sell at a local quilt shop, so she helped me put together a few extras for me...

  3. What beautiful blocks, all of them! I share your thoughts about having so many (4 --- no, make that 5 with my little APQ one not quite finished) that must be quilted! Just take your time, and keep quilting; you will finally get them done! *wink* ---"Love"

  4. Great runner!!! My blocks will be on the way soon :) Christine

  5. Terrific table runner. Connie204

  6. Love the little projects;) Sometime's they just hit the spot;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. Thanks for the comments on the diaper bag and quilt. I really like both you and Love's idea of quilting it diagonally, much easier then free motion. I will do exactly that. However, I need to run to the quilt store for the thread. Thanks again, Connie204


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