Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swaps on the wall

I've been slow to post pictures of the last few sets of blocks I received, but I was just as excited about them. Here they are now, from Ruth, Theri and Beth:

Thank you very much ladies! Your wonderful blocks have been up on the design wall since they came. I have two sets still to come then I can start stitching them all together.

That trip to the quilt shop that resulted in buying a new machine was originally a trip to buy fabric for the sashing, setting triangles and borders. Here's what I came home with, besides the new machine (did I mention the new machine? Sorry, I'm still a bit excited about that!). I had planned to make the setting triangles from the same fabric as the sashing but when I put all the blocks up on the wall together I noticed that many of them have at least a touch of pink, rose or wine. I decided to try pulling them all together by making the cornerstones and setting triangles echo those colours.

Last night I worked on the sashing. I messed up my planning and made a few of the white strips too short, but I have enough fabric to correct that. I'll make certain not to be doing it late a night again though!

The last thing I did before going to bed much later than I should have was test my idea on the design wall. The blocks were already up so it was quick to add sashing strips and setting triangles. I didn't start low enough on the wall so I ran out of batting at the top to lay out the setting triangles there, but this still gives me a pretty good idea what the quilt will look like.

I plan a thin inner border of the polka dot fabric, followed by a wider border in the red fabric, and perhaps a prairie point edging instead of binding. Now I need to go practice, practice, practice my free-motion quilting so I can eventually quilt this one! Free motion is just as tricky as I expected...


  1. I like the darker setting triangles. I decided to use white for mine to show off the quilting that will eventually be done, but I do like the look with dark too. Too late now! It's fun to see the quilts start to come together.

  2. Love the layout and the colors you chose are just perfect. How thrilling!


  3. Love the red you decided to use. I always think red "settles" a quilt;)
    Enjoy your new machine;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. How's that new machine going? Still excited?! The darker setting triangles are a fantastic contrast. It's looking so good! Ann :-)

  5. They really look nice. I bet you and that new machine are bonding well. Connie204

  6. What a stunning quilt you will have when it's finished! ---"Love"


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