Sunday, September 19, 2010

New playroom

This was the scene downstairs in my house about 5 years ago.  Playroom all the way.  In the intervening years the playroom slowly morphed into a family room with futon, bean bag chairs and TV.  This month it underwent a huge face lift...back to a playroom again.

MINE!  The family room stuff has been relocated to the north end of the L-shaped room, and I've expanded my playroom into the bright sunny half.  After all, who needs all that bright sunlight to watch TV?  And there are plenty of couch and chair options upstairs if anyone wants to read by daylight.

To celebrate, I've been playing with this in my playroom.

You may notice my blue stash has been replenished :)

I just couldn't hold to my resolve to not start anything new until my daughter's quilt is quilted.  I hadn't pieced anything in two months and I was going into serious withdrawal.  However I did make sure that the new project was something for the patient daughter.  She's thrilled with it, so I don't feel too guilty.  It's a small project and the top should be done soon.  I'll post pictures then.


  1. Wow, it's a great play room for you! Can I come play, too?

  2. Love the new playroom. I'm with Marsha- lets have a play date! hahah :) I can't wait to see what all that blue turns into.

  3. Grownups need play rooms too;) Not starting a new project can be a bit of a nerve breaker;) Glad you moved on;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. I love that there's room for all your toys (tools, machine, etc.), and you still have room to play! You're going to love that room! ---"Love"

  5. If you're having a play date, I'm coming, too! Your room looks fantastic! And I love the idea of hanging the rulers...mine are always in the way, but I think I may have to stop and pick up some of those removable hooks tonight! But how long did the area stay as neat and tidy as the picture? (Or did you crop out the messiness like I do?)

  6. How marvellous to have such a wonderful playroom all to yourself. It's such a terrific space! Love those blue fabrics - I call them *Joanne Blues* whenever I see them in the shops these days. Definitely your signature. Cheers, Ann :-)


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