Thursday, January 27, 2011


IMG_4574The coloured pencils came out this week as I pondered how to quilt the 3 tops and the table runner that are waiting in the queue.  My leaf quilt is waiting to be hand quilted but as I am actively hand quilting my Hawaiian quilt pillow top I’m OK with the leaf quilt waiting a little longer.  The other two (the swap quilt and the Christmas quilt) are stifling my creativity.  I’m feeling that I shouldn’t just add new tops to the unquilted pile.  I can’t bring myself to start anything else, but I’m grumpy.  It’s just time to get those tops quilted!
I’m working up my courage to freemotion these tops.  I have been practicing on small quilt sandwiches.  My stitch length is all over the map, but at least stitches aren’t skipping anymore and I think my tension is pretty good.
A couple of days ago I decided I should take a deep breath, move on from practice sandwiches and quilt the twister table runner.  I promptly sat down and stared at it for over an hour, having absolutely no idea what design I wanted to quilt on it, beyond knowing I didn’t want an all-over design.  That evening I drew the runner in MS Publisher. I’m sure EQ would have been more efficient but I don’t have that software!  I printed out a few copies and started coloring and doodling.  Here’s what I came up with:
Fruit table runner motif Whether or not I have the skill to actually quilt this remains to be seen.  I haven’t have time to try it out yet.  It’s on tomorrow’s “to do” list though.
Thinking positively, I decided that I should plan a quilting design for the Christmas quilt as well so I’ll be ready to go with that when I successfully finish the runner.  I’m afraid my design is a little ambitious – I don’t have nearly enough control yet to consistently make these curves and make everything cross tidily in the middle as it should.  I like the design though so I’m going to be drawing grids on practice sandwiches and going over and over the design until it seems half-decent. 
Christmas quilt motif layout detail
At least I’m confident I can quilt the straight diagonals!


  1. I think you are doing very well with the free motion! I won't/don't even think about it. It is stitch in the ditch for me and let the fabric hog the limelight, LOL. Practice makes perfect! Keep up the good work!


  2. I like what you've planned and some of your practice sandwiches look pretty good. You're definitely getting better!

  3. Your free motion skills are looking good! I've just started and mine look like a mess when I try it. I guess more practice, practice, practice is needed. Keep up the practice, I can't wait to see your quilts!

  4. Your plan and practice pieces look great! I think I need to make a plan for my basket quilt. I'm planning to baste it today, so I need to work on a plan soon.

  5. I agree your plans and practice pieces are looking great. Keep practicing until YOU are satisfied; then you will be ready to get them done. I know you will do a great job! Wish I had the nerve to try it! (But then I haven't been practicing either!) ---"Love"

  6. Those are some lovely little combinations! I think you free-motion is coming along fine! :)Theri

  7. Wow great job on the free motion quilting!! You look ready to go :)

  8. Your free motion quilting is looking really good. I haven't been practicing, but gosh mine never looked that good. I'm not an artist and I really think you need to have artisit skills for to be good at this. Look like you have those skill.s Connie204


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