Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whittling down the UFO list

My Hawaiian quilt pillow is finished!  It only took me 15 years and a couple of months :) 
It came as a kit, with the applique piece already cut out.  I wasn’t very familiar with sewing at the time so it was slow going when I first attempted it.  Knowing what I know now I realize that the poor quality fabric and the very poor instructions that came with the kit probably didn’t help my progress.  I don’t know that I could have gotten the hand quilting done following those directions if I had gotten to that step 15 years ago, so I’m glad I set it aside till more recently.
Here’s how the UFO list stands now:
1.  Leaf quilt – needs basting and hand quilting
2. Swap quilt – needs basting and machine quilting (currently stumped on what I want to quilt on it)
3. Whimsy pinwheel/windmills – needs borders, basting, quilting (hand or machine?)
4. Designing a Canadiana quilt (maybe this doesn’t count as a UFO since there’s no fabric actually cut yet?)
It feels great to have the list whittled down like this.  It’s about as long as I like it. It gives me one of every activity I like to have available: piecing (Whimsy’s pieced border), machine quilting and hand quilting.  I think  the swap quilt will be my next big focus.  Any thoughts about what to quilt on it?  There is an extra 3 inch border and prairie points all around (all in the same fabric as the setting triangles) since this picture was taken.


  1. The pillow is beautiful, as is your quilting!


  2. That pillow turned out nice;) Glad you kept it after all those years;) I am almost envious at the size of your UFO list;)
    The swap quilt is pretty;) As for how to quilt idea...I always get stumped on that part;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. What a challenge the pillow must have been! I don't think I could do it at all, but you did a great job! Be proud of it! Your APQ quilt is beautiful! The dark setting triangles are perfect for it; they truly do "set it off"! I wouldn't have a clue how to quilt it though; that's why I have three waiting to be quilted! ---"Love"

  4. Love the pillow. Hawaiian quilts are really interesting. The APQ quilt is stunning. Can't help with the quilting as I only do stitch-in-the-ditch, but it really turned out pretty.


  5. Your pillow turned out great and knowing what you had poor directions and icky fabric makes it all that much more impressive. My swap quilt is at the same stage: thinking!

  6. Oh, that's lovely. But now I am worrying that I might have some projects that take 15 years.... better go check my UFO list. :) Theri

  7. 15 years hey? I don't feel so bad about my long list of UFOs. Your swap blocks look fabulous and it reminds me that I owe folks a label for their quilts. Better not leave that as a UFO for 15 years! Ann :-)


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