Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilter’s block

For most of the last two weeks I haven’t managed much quilting activity other than staring at fabric.  I did get as far as unfolding and pressing my 25 FQs of bright fabrics, but then quilter’s block set in.
Every time I decide what I should make with them, I stop before actually cutting any fabric.  What if it isn’t quite the right project for the fabric?  What if I think of a better way to showcase the fabric after I’ve cut it and have none left for the better project?IMG_4875I need to just get over it and use this fabric!  But it’s so pretty, all laid out in gradations of colour…
Yesterday I set aside the brights and got to work on another set of placemats and runner, because I wanted to actually sew something.  Let’s just overlook the fact that the last one I showed you hasn’t been quilted yet. I really don’t get much done when the kids are out of school, though I’m not sure why. They are getting older and really don’t need me to entertain them, so what’s making me unproductive?
Anyhow, here’s where I left the new project last night.
IMG_4890This set is also made with 8 FQs and a little bit of cream yardage from the stash. I have to sew all the units of the skinny runner together, then I will add a thin border of orangey-red.  I fished through my small stash today and found enough of one suitable fabric for the runner’s border, and just barely enough of a second to bind all the pieces in the same fabric.  I also have some leftovers that will do for backing.  They don’t quite match the fronts, but they’ll be hiding on the back anyway, so I’ll go with it and use up pieces that have been sitting around for several years.  If I use the batting I bought for the previous set of (still unquilted) placemats, I might get them done by early next week.  Unless, of course, I suffer from another bout of serious sewing inertia!


  1. I have that same stack of brights you have, and have had them for two years. I can't figure out what to do with them either;)
    I do like those placemats you are working on;)
    I think any change in routine can cause an upset in the flow of creativity;) That, and even with them occupying themselves, you are still somewhere more focused on them than if they weren't there;)
    It will come back to you;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. It's better to just use the fabrics when you love 'em so much it hurts to cut into them! I wish I would have done that with a collection of Kansas Troubles fabrics I purchased 4 years ago. I couldn't even untie the ribbon because they were so perfect all bundled up. NO project was good enough to use them. Now that's fine except that my fabric tastes are changing and it's getting to the point where I don't want to use them because I'm not that crazy about them.

  3. Very pretty! The flying geese make an interesting setting! I do understand the "need" to sew when I should be doing other things! ---"Love"

  4. Oh, those solids look just like a rainbow! How about a pattern that makes use of that? If you want to send them to me, LOL, I will gladly cut them up into little pieces!


  5. Those brights are so pretty, it would be hard to cut into them. They are just fun to look at! Your new set of placemats are beautiful, too. I really like the design, have fun with them. You will get everything quilted in time.

  6. I think those FQ's would make a beautiful bargello quilt. I love to press and refold my fabric too until I find a new pattern.

  7. I love the bright fat quarters. I think I have bits and pieces of similar fabric in my stash. The placemats and table runner are really lovely. (I am partial to flying geese.)


  8. Those brights seem like they might make a nice "stained glass" quilt... What did you have in mind? The placemats are nice. And if you take the summer off from quilting, I don't think the quilt police will show up - they're too busy worrying over other bigger issues like non-matching points!


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