Thursday, May 26, 2011

Takes 1 and 2

The last few days I have been busy working on a set of placemats and a table runner from 8 fat quarters and a bit of solid cream yardage.  I pretty much knew what I wanted for the placemats, and they came together fairly quickly.
IMG_4819 Recently I saw a few zigzag quilts and thought something like that would look fun in these fabrics.  A little nagging doubt at the back of my mind warned that while it would be fun it might have too much white space to really go with these placemats.  On the other hand the zigzag would be so much fun.  I ignored the nagging doubt and pushed ahead.  
I spent all day yesterday fighting with 64 HST’s.  Why do some come out perfectly square, and others, using exactly the same method and care, come out wonky?  Anyhow, I trimmed and sewed them all into submission and did end up with a fun zigzag.  It really needs a border, but I don’t have enough of anything suitable in my stash right now, so it is on hold pending at stop at the fabric store.
IMG_4824As the little voice in my head warned, it does have too much white space to go well with the placemats.  It really shows when they are side by side.  It will be fun on its own, but not as part of the set.
So today I obsessed.  Here’s Take 2 on a matching runner (I can’t believe I had enough left from those 8 fat quarters to make take two and I still have decent scraps left):
This is another example of how important contrast is to make the Twister block pop.  My fabric layout seemed to have a lot of contrast when it was just squares side by side, but by the time it was reduced to pinwheels a lot of the contrast was lost.  I see some pinwheels because I’m looking for them, but most just don’t show.  When my husband first looked, he saw scrappy diamonds instead. (Hmm…there’s another idea perking here for things to do with the Twister tool…)
That said, I think Take 2 will go quite well with the placemats. It is also much narrower so I will be able to have it on my rather narrow dining table at the same time as the placemats.   Usually I use a runner alone, and remove it when I set the table with placemats because I can’t fit both.
So here’s the set.  I need backing and batting, then I’ll have to figure out how I want to quilt everything.


  1. A very nice looking table set! Wouldn't white dishes be pretty on those placemats?! I like the first runner too -- so bold and bright! You have been busy again! ---"Love"

  2. You've been busy! Your table will look lovely with the placemats and runner (pictures are expected when you're done!). My fave is the zigzag runner. You could hang it the long way on your dining room wall! Maybe applique the silhouette of a tall skinny flower in a really dark blue in the lower right corner?

  3. What fun! But I sympathize with the HST dilemma...submission ironing and a bit of fudging is my method of choice to fix that! The placemats are great (I wondered if they were pillowcases at first, with a fancy border, which would be equally fun) and I like both table runners. Take 1 might be improved by quilting in the white space with a darker thread (yikes!). And I like the skinny plan of take 2 - I never thought of that, but it's a great idea. I look forward to seeing how you finish these.

  4. Great job. I use the Brenda Hennings Triangulations 2.0, perfect HST every time, give them a try.

  5. These are great, you have been so creative! The set will look wonderful on your table together. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the zig-zag-y one.

  6. I have trouble with those triangle blocks sometimes too. You are going to have a very nice table set when all is done.

    I like the Maple leaf you have quilted in your header piece. Very appropriate for Canada.

  7. Oh yes! Those HSTs can be a terror but your projects are looking fabulous. Perhaps you could quilt those white zigzags with a variegated blue/green thread and that might tone down the contrast. Cheers, Ann :-)


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