For the past few days I’ve been pondering what to make with my lovely fat-quarter bundles of brights.  I have quilting magazines spread all over my floor, opened at assorted tempting patterns.  The quilt made up of 25 9-inch lone star blocks looked tempting, though I was thinking of a more modest 5-block table runner.  My sticking point is that the block requires inset seams and they intimidate me.

Today I decided to plunge in and try one.  I didn’t cut into my pretty new fabrics though, just in case.  I dipped into the blue scraps and 3 hours later I had this:

It looks much better than my first and only previous attempt at y-seams 10 years ago.  That attempt was a wrinkly, wont-lie-flat-under-a-steam-roller mess.  More practice should take care of some of the ripples that you can’t see in the picture.

So am I ready to make enough of these to make at least a runner? Hmm.  Eventually. It would qualify as practice. However, at three hours a block (though I’m sure each subsequent block will come together a little faster) it doesn’t fit the bill for the quick satisfaction I’m looking for right now.  Maybe later.

I’m heading back to all the magazines strewn on my floor.  I’ll settle on something soon.  In the meantime, I can at least say that I am no longer scared of set-in seams!


  1. It looks good to me! But 3 hours per block is a bit much...I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your new fabrics.

  2. Your Lone Star block looks great to me! It lies perfectly flat at center point as well as all sides! But I'd probably cringe at having to make more than five too! I love the blue fabrics! Maybe one a week??? *grin* ---"Love"

  3. I think it is very pretty and well-done. Won't ripples quilt out? In any case, it will be a lovely table runner.


  4. After years of quilting, the set in seam probably wasn't near as hard as the first time. Experience seems to help a lot with these skills. I hope so, at least. I tend to avoid certain types of projects because of a technique I'm afraid of.

  5. I think your block looks great. (I have never done Y-seams in a quilt, although I have done plenty in garment and costume construction.) I hope you find an interesting project soon!


  6. This is a really striking block! I'm working on some Y seams myself. Are yours hadn or machine stitched? Ann :-)

  7. I think I commented on this the other day before blogger went crazy. Love the blue star, it is so pretty. I am sure your runner will be fabulous!


  8. I guess with the Blogger problems, my comment got lost. Anyway, I love your Lone Star! It lies perfectly flat, and the fabrics are beautiful! The color is so crisp and refreshing! ---"Love"


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