Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look what came in the mail

This came in the mail last week from a super generous blogging friend.  Thank you Liri!


They are all fat quarters!  There was a craft book too but my kids absconded with it before I got a picture and I want to get this posted.

Actually, the box this came in was addressed to my daughter.  Liri has kindly been helping her with a social studies project from school and sent her several small treasures wrapped in all this fabric. The lovely note to my daughter did tell her the fabric was for me :)

I will be playing with this soon, but today I’m going to be busy transforming a swing set that the kids don’t fit on anymore and hopefully planting some annuals. The sun is out but the bugs aren’t yet, so I’m off to the garden!


  1. How sweet! I've always thought Liri is a special and caring person; this confirms it, doesn't it? We'll be watching to see how you use the fabrics. Best wishes to your daughter and her project. ---"Love"

  2. Quilt fabric as packing material? Best. idea. EVER. :) Such great treasures. I look forward to seeing what you use them for.

  3. Liri is so sweet, the fabrics are all very pretty. Can't wait to see what they turn into! When the weather is nice, I love to be outside, too. Have fun in your garden.

  4. How marvellous! What lovely treats from Liri. Ann :-)


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