Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two reveals

The sun is shining again after more than two weeks of dreary grey.  I thought I’d celebrate by photographing my quilts outside, but the wind kept whipping the quits around so uninspired indoor shots it is!
The baby quilt (pattern: Turtle Twist by Blue Meadow Designs):
The turtle is a much smaller part of the quilt than I expected.  The photo in the magazine made it seem much more prominent.  I still like it though, and the top came together very quickly
I needed a bit of handwork right about the time I got this quilt basted, so I hand quilted the checkerboard and the turtle block.  I was enjoying the hand quilting but started worrying about finishing on time so I machine quilted the two borders.
The Swap quilt:
IMG_4750  IMG_4661
I should come up with a better name, but I’ve called it the Swap Quilt for a year.  I doubt any other name will stick now!  This was all machine quilted.  I worried a bit about messing it up since I’m new to machine quilting, but then decided that it was made of blocks from many supportive quilting friends who would be supportive and would totally understand that I have to start somewhere. 
In the end I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I had to make a few changes to my quilting plans.  I had planned to put clusters of maple leaves in the setting triangles.  It seemed appropriate for Canuck Quilter’s quilt.  However, the print completely obscured the quilting and I figured out that I on busier prints I need longer lines and curves.  That’s why I put in those fans instead, and I really like the old fashioned look they give.
That’s it for quilting for now.  I’m off to the garden to divide a few hostas. I’ve never done that before and I’m a bit worried I’ll kill them instead, but as with the quilting, I’ve got to start somewhere!  Time to go get my jeans muddy!


  1. The turtle quilt turned out really cute, but you're right, the turtle itself isn't very prominent. I expected a whole top of turtles when you showed him the first time. And the swap quilt quilting looks fantastic. The fans are perfect! Enjoy the mud!

  2. Your turtle quilt is adorable - love that swirly quilting. Your swap quilt is fantastic! Great layout, terrific quilting and wonderful prairie point border. Fantastic! Ann :-)

  3. We all have to start somewhere! The Swap quilt is gorgeous. I love seeing how each person interprets their quilt. As for the hostas, just use a shovel and cut them into pieces. They are so hardy, they will grow regardless.


  4. Your turtle quilt is so cute. I like the quilting you did on the Swap Quilt. I think you picked the perfect motifs for it. The fans were perfect for the triangles!

  5. I love that turtle quilt. Your quilting, both hand and machine, are perfect. Your swap quilt is lovely -- the prairie points were a wonderful addition. (I will have to think about including them in a future project.)

    Good luck with the gardening. I think Liri is right about the hostas.


  6. Your APQ quilt is terrific! The dark setting triangles and prairie points set it off beautifully! Your quilting looks perfect! That turtle quilt is cute too! Have fun in the garden. ---"Love"

  7. I love the little turtle! If you make it again, you can put two turtles or make whatever adjustments you want to change it a bit. Your swap quilt is gorgeous! I love the way you quilted it. Mine is still "in progress"! As for the hostas, just cut them into halves or quarters, they will thrive and do fine.


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