Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stitching again

I’ve finally sat down at the sewing machine again after what feels like forever and it feels wonderful! 
IMG_5036First up were a few flying geese. Last spring and early summer I made this table set for mom.  As I worked on it I realized my flying geese were not consistent enough for me to enjoy making this quilt I planned out.  I really want to make this so I’ve been trying out different methods to see which gives me the most consistent units. 
Thank you Love for the tip about Eleanor Burns’ flying geese ruler and technique.  I always hesitate to buy specialty rulers, but I went out and got this one this week and I did in fact sew and trim nice, consistent units with the points right where they should be.  There is a bit of fabric waste, but I think that tradeoff will be worth it.
With that settled, I’m clearing the decks, so to speak, to clear the way for total obsession with the flying geese quilt.  I have a few projects that stalled at my less favourite stages of quilt making.  I decided to move them past the hump before I start the new project.
IMG_4125_r1I finally basted and started hand quilting my leaf quilt. The top has only been waiting a year for its turn!   The basting and deciding how to quilt it were where this one stalled. I have decided to quilt overlapping sets of concentric circles all over.  I’ll have a picture once there is enough there for you to see what I mean.  So far I have 8 of the 42 blocks quilted.

Next I cut fabric for the borders on Whimsy.  That top was slow coming together and it is time for it to be finished.  Yesterday and today I started sewing triangle squares for the pieced borders.  I’ll need 100. 
Some of the ones I’ve finished are sewn together into strips.IMG_5199_r1I hadn’t planned to add another border after the saw tooth one, but now that I have this up on the design wall I think the saw teeth look puny and busy by themselves at the edge of the quilt.  I think I’ll add that outer border to tame things a bit. I think I accidentally bought more of that green border fabric than I needed for just the inner border, so that should work out well in the end.
Next week I have lots of painting to do – we’ll see how much quilting I manage to squeeze into the evenings.   Did I mention that after the flying geese quilt, I have another quilt plan drawn up and waiting?  So many quilts, so little time…


  1. You are making some terrific progress on both projects - they are lovely quilts. Glad the Eleanor Burns ruler worked for you - I like any gadgety thing that makes the process less stressful. Ann :-)

  2. The table set is lovely and cheery! Can't wait to see your hand quilting on the leaf quilt. And I think you are right about the additional border on the Whimsy quilt. Lots of things to do! Love recommended the flying geese ruler to me as well, but I also usually do not buy special rulers. I might think about it if I am going to do lots and lots of FGs though. Have fun quilting!

  3. Looks like you are in finishing mode, too! I am still there. I've got a lot done since my last post and was intending to post this weekend. Seems Irene has other plans, LOL! I like that sawtooth border! I will have to try it.


  4. Yay you're back to quilting! I can't wait to see progress on the flying geese quilt, but totally understand the finishing up other projects first decision. The leaves are beautiful and I bet your quilting will be goergous. And I agree with the green outer border on the Whimsy quilt, though not having it there kinda gives it a fun edge, too. Either way, it's beautiful! Have fun painting, but do take time out to quilt!

  5. I'm glad the geese ruler is working well for you; actually there is really very little fabric waste, and the time saving and accuracy certainly is worth it! I love your table setting, and your white dishes look great with it. The prairie points on your leaf quilt intrigue me; some day I'm going to have to try those. I love your sawtooth border, and the green outside border really sets it off! Great going! ---"Love"

  6. You have been very busy! Finishing up some projects always makes me feel great. The table set for your Mom is beautiful, I love it! Your FG quilt will be great, too. I've tried Eleanor Burns' method of making FG and they turn out very nice. Your leaf quilt is stunning, I have that on my list of quilts I would like to make, too. I also like that extra border on Whimsy, it gives it a more finished look. Happy quilting!

  7. I love the the colors and the quilts you are working on..wonderful!!


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