Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wrapping up summer

From a weather perspective there is still plenty of summer left to come, but the kids are heading back to school on Thursday so we’re exchanging summer’s non-routine for regular routine. 
It has been a lovely, mostly lazy summer for us.  The last two weeks in July we headed back to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to visit family.  It was lovely to spend time with my parents, then with my in-laws.  The kids got a good grandparent fix, and I hope the grandparents enjoyed the grandkid fix as well.
The weather was lovely the whole time.  It has been so beastly hot and humid here at home all summer that the temperatures in the mid 20’s Celsius were a treat for us.  The scenery in Pubnico wasn’t hard to take either:
IMG_5108 IMG_5102 IMG_5079_r1
And Smuggler’s Cove:
IMG_5136_r1 IMG_5132
I didn’t take many pictures in New Brunswick but my son took this lovely one of the sawmill at King’s Landing Historic Village.
We wilted in the heat and humidity as soon as we stepped off the plane here, but happily my garden hadn’t.  The girl we hired to water the flower beds did a great job, because we hear that it was hot and dry the whole two weeks we were away but my garden looked very happy.  A little weedy too, but we hadn’t asked her to weed, just keep things alive! I spent several days tidying things up – and not doing as good a watering job!
Remember these flowerbeds?
IMG_4936_r1 IMG_5181_r1
June 29th on the left, August 3rd on the right!  That sunflower is a happy accident, sprouted from a seed from the bird feeder.  The vine on the far end has grown even more in the two weeks since and now covers most of that end of the frame.  Now that we’ve beaten back the Japanese beetles (with nasty chemicals, sorry!) it might actually become covered in pretty yellow flowers again.
IMG_4853 IMG_5170_r1
Mid-June on the left, August 2nd on the right!  You have to love those sweet potato vines!  They do fill in very nicely  The coreopsis are now in full bright yellow bloom too, which doesn’t show well in this picture, but looks gorgeous beside the purple sweet potato.  Finally we are getting pretty blooms on the hibiscus at the back now that we’ve sprayed the beetles.
For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, let me introduce you to the Japanese beetle:
Pretty little thing isn’t it? At some angles it even has a pretty green iridescence. It’s less pretty when it is one among a half dozen all clustered on one leaf or flower bud, munching away, with more on all the other flower buds.  These little pretties reduced the leaves on 20 feet of grapevine to mere veins last summer.  This summer they’ve been deprived of the grapevine (it died of old age) but I’ve actually been flicking them off my marigolds.  Yes, marigolds!  Those are the flowers you’re supposed to plant to deter pests because nothing likes them!
Ah well, life goes on.  Just because I’ve done no quilting at all the last six weeks, I’ll subject you to a few more garden pictures before closing.  There should be quilty progress in a few weeks, I hope!
IMG_4925_r1  IMG_5174_r1  IMG_5182_r1 IMG_5171_r1 IMG_5179_r1


  1. What beautiful pictures, all of them! I love the flowers best, even though the vacation pics were wonderful too, of places I'll never get to see! Your flowers are all beautiful! Mine are all burned up from our 50+ days now of over 100 degrees; we are thankful for the one day of cooler temps and .7" of rain in my yard! It was too little, too late! ---"Love"

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic summer vacation, enjoyed by young and old alike. Great pictures. Your flower beds look amazing. Everything has filled in very nicely. We have had 'cool' summer weather -- still waiting for even one 30 degree Celsius day.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! And the pictures are lovely. Yes, I have met the beetles. I'm at my sister's and she has them on her old fashioned roses, so she's using chemicals as well. They love to eat the rose petals, the naughty things!

  4. What beautiful flowers! Will you come to my house and make mine look that nice? Are you ready for the kids to go back to school? Are they?!

  5. Very pretty! You do have a green thumb!


  6. Love the before and after pictures! Your swing set garden idea has filled in nicely. My favorite are the flowers you planted by your stairs - very welcoming!

  7. Gorgeous flowers, your gardens are so pretty! I remember Japanese beetles, they use to get into my roses when I lived in northern Illinois. They are nasty little critters eventhough they are kind of pretty to look at. Your vacation pictures are wonderful, too. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy your quilty time now that things are back to a more normal schedule!


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