Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 IMG_5266 Take a guess which one the young man in the family carved! We were very proud of ourselves for getting these carved last night rather than this afternoon after school in a mad rush before trick-or-treating began!
Last night I also obsessed about the new quilt in progress.  I started cutting and sewing, and changing the plan as I went along and the next thing I knew it was way, way past my bedtime.  I made progress though.  With another few hours of work today, this is where it stands:
IMG_5268_r1I’ve been having trouble sorting out exactly how I want to piece the body of the lighthouse, and I have to rework my plan for other pieces of the lower half to balance out sizes and colours a bit with the upper half. I’m also peeved that my log cabin blocks are just a smidge smaller than they should be so I’ll have to redo a few seams to make the border fit around the center as the graph paper claims it should.  That said, I’m pleased with this overall so far.
Tomorrow’s task will be to stay clear of the quilting corner and clear the desk of office chores.  It will be tough though.  The desk sits on the opposite wall from the sewing machine…


  1. I just do not know how you get so much done so quickly! Whatever, it's going to be a great quilt! The pumpkins are cute! Can you believe I raised two boys on a farm, and none of us ever carved a pumpkin? Don't ask why; I have no idea! ---"Love"

  2. Fab pumpkins! They look great. Wow! You've made wonderful progress on your quilt. ann :-)

  3. Wow, that piece is looking terrific! Love the pumpkins.


  4. Are you kidding that you actually sewed that all since your last post? Or did you just carefully put pieces up there on your design wall? It's amazing, beautiful, fantastic! And I love the middle pumpkin - creative choice of shapes for sure.


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