Friday, October 14, 2011

Seam ripping again, and again, and…

You should know it’s time to step away from the sewing room when you spend more time becoming better acquainted with the seam ripper than the sewing machine.

Today I unpicked the free motion quilting I started on Wooffles’ quilt last night. It was worth it and I then spent a comfortable while practicing free motion on this little quilt.  It turned into a little sampler of different filler patterns.

IMG_5225 IMG_5227_r1

By the time I was done, I decided I might as well put the binding on too.  I decided to use TLC Stitches’ faux piped binding and I happily cut yellow strips for the “piping” and pulled out leftover purple strips for the binding.

Mistake #1: I cut the piping strip 1/4 inch too narrow and didn’t have any more of the yellow.   That’s OK, I just trimmed the purple narrower too and hoped for the best.

Mistake #2: I sewed a right side to a wrong side as I joined the binding strips.  Seam ripper!

Mistake #3: I sewed a beautifully straight 74” seam joining the long edges of the binding and the piping.  It just happened to be a 3/8” seam.  Another time I might have just left it but I remembered my binding strip was already 1/4” narrower than it should be and I didn’t think I could fudge with another 1/4 inch gone.  Seam ripper, it’s nice to see you again!

Mistake #4: I reset the seam allowance to a lovely perfect 1/4 inch, and promptly sewed the right face of the binding to the wrong face of the piping strip.  At least I noticed at only 30 inches into the seam this time.  Still, I had another visit with the seam ripper.

At this point a sane person would have stepped away from the sewing room, but my stubborn streak asserted itself.  Happily, it exuded a stronger aura than the seam ripper, which was not needed (much) again.


Here’s the final product.  It’s a little more “modern” than my usual work.  I don’t think any of those quilting motifs would work terribly well on my more traditional tops but it was a fun exercise.  Wooffles and his owner are perfectly happy with it, too, so it was worthwhile!


  1. Been there; done that! ALL DAY TODAY!! *frown* I did stick with it for a long time, but finally said, "Forget this! I'm going to go mow the yard!" At least I got that done okay! Tomorrow's got to be better! Please don't expect me to list ALL the mistakes I made today!
    I love your quilt. Your quilting is great! Wish I had the intestinal fortitude to make myself try it! I'm a scardey (sp?) cat when it comes to free motion! ---"Love"

  2. No one would ever guess that such a happy little quilt could give someone frustration! Your quilt reminds me of an abstract painting of the circus. Lollipop swirls, bubbles, cotton candy pink, the trapeze stars, colorful clowns and the big top! Really like it!

  3. Oh dear! However, I have to say that I am well acquainted with the seam ripper also. Ugh! Love the little quilt, though. I will check out the piping site, too.

  4. We've all had days like that, so we all know how you feel! It turned out great, though. Your free motion quilting looks fantastic - I still can't get round circles even with my big machine! I hope today goes better.

  5. Um, I would have put it down after the second rip-out, LOL, and picked up some handwork. But your little quilt really turned out cute. I need to try this someday!


  6. Why is it that once you've made the first mistake it seems to snowball from there? Good for you that you perservered. It's a terrific little quilt. ann :-)

  7. It turned out to be an adorable little quilt even with all the trouble it gave you. I'm glad you stuck it out and got it finished. I need to practice free motion quilting. I'm kinda like Love, I'm a scardey cat, too. I just have to get busy and give it a try.


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