Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thimbles continued

Quilters are wonderful people.  Thank you to all who offered to keep an eye out for a replacement thimble for me, and to those who sent me links to places to buy what looked like my old thimble.  I went ahead and ordered two thimbles, one EZ7 like my old brass one and a second similar one, also by EZ Quilting, in a different metal.


The one on the left is my old worn out favourite.  You can see the one in front on the right is very similar, but the “recessed top” isn’t quite as sharply and deeply recessed so my needle is slipping out occasionally, but overall it feels just about right.  It is just as comfortable.  Turns my finger grey just like the old one too! (Nothing is ever perfect!)

I noticed that there was only one size available in this thimble, and one site specified that they could not order more, so I wonder if the style has been discontinued.  I thought it might be replaced with the same style in a different metal, so I ordered one of those as well. It is the silver coloured one in the back. It looked very similar, and was described as having a dimpled, recessed top as well, but that is really more of a decorative bump around the edge than a recess. My needle just skitters right off.  The metal is very slippery.  I think this shiny thimble will be relegated to decorative-only status.

Of course I had to actually start quilting something to discover all this. I was very good when they arrived on Thursday afternoon. I finished clearing the desk of paperwork before turning to the sewing corner to prepare a quilt back for Whimsy.  Groceries and laundry  and ferrying kids to and from school couldn’t be put off, so I didn’t get the quilt onto the basting frame until Friday night.  I basted on Saturday and finally tried my new toys on Sunday.  Here’s how far I got on Sunday:


Tonight I finished quilting in the white background and in 4 more green triangles.  That took me 2 hours.  I’m not sure I should have kept track.  It seems like so little accomplished in that time!  There are eleven more of these, plus 3 borders…  Oh well, it took me three years to get the top finished. I guess a few more months to finish the quilting won’t hurt!


  1. That's a LOT of quilting! You're definitely faster than I am, but you've got more practice, so I'll comfort myself with that. It looks fantastic - I love the motif in the green triangles.

  2. That is really pretty. Pink & green-love that color combo.


  3. The quilting looks great! I have a thimble similar to your silver one and it works pretty good for me. I have to lick my finger before I put it on or it will fall off. I have been hand quilting several small quilts lately, but don't plan on quilting any large ones in the near future. Good luck with yours!

  4. Your quilt is so pretty! I really like the way you are quilting it. I mostly just quilt in the ditch on my quilts, you are so creative with your pretty quilting. I think you are making good progress. It will pay off when you are finished so don't worry about it going slow. Each stitch is one more toward finished!

  5. Beautiful pattern, beautiful colors! And your quilting is gorgeous! (One more attempt to figure this out!) ---"Love"

  6. I'm in awe of your beautiful quilting. It's such a lovely quilt. Take all the time you need. ann :-)


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