Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something new

I haven’t felt very quilty the past month or so.  It’s odd that Monday, the day I came down with a nasty cold, was the day I had the urge to sew again.   I pulled out all those 800+ pieces I had cut for a blue version of Kyoto Gardens by Judy Martin but it’s a bit fussy and my virus-addled self couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm to work on it.

Still, I really had the urge to sew.  I thought perhaps a pattern with no points to match, and nice big pieces would be just the thing.  I spent quite a bit of time with graph paper and coloured pencils and came up with nothing interesting.  I should have leafed through my idea sketchbook from the start, because an idea was just waiting there on the page when I finally got around to it.  I tweaked it a bit then spent the evening cutting 96 large squares of fabric.


Tuesday I coughed and sewed.


It’s still a work in progress.  I’m tweaking as a I go, pestering my husband for opinions along the way.  Nothing except the star points and string blocks are sewn yet.  I’m really liking where it’s headed though!


  1. It is bright and cheerful! I will be watching to see how it progresses.

  2. Such a happy quilt! It's amazing you accomplished so much in such a short time - and being sick too! Any quilt I would make when I was down with a cold would be grey, blah and end up in the trash LOL!

  3. What a fun quilt! I love the little string block in the center. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. An interesting start and I love the colors! When do we see what it will eventually look like?


  5. What fun;) I think you were after color therapy when you were feeling so ill;) Good stuff;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. Love all the colors! Isn't it funny that when we want to quilt, no matter how bad we feel, nothing else makes us happy until we get a little sewing/quilting done? That always helps! Have fun with your new project! ---"Love"


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