Friday, May 25, 2012

Trimming points and switching blades

IMG_6001After much deliberation, I pulled out the box with all the pieces for my blue Kyoto Gardens quilt. Getting reacquainted with them I acknowledged that they would continue to sit, unsewn, unless I just gritted my teeth and trimmed all the points that needed trimming on all those pieces.  I had thought I would trim as I went, but I kept not sewing because I never felt like trimming. See that white triangle?  It needed 4 swipes of the rotary cutter to trim the points just so.  The blue pieces they will be sewn to have only 2 trimming cuts, thank goodness!

After trimming the first half dozen I gave in and changed the blade on my rotary cutter.  Magic!  I don’t know why I always wait too long to change my blade.  Perhaps it’s partly due to resenting how much the blades cost and how short a time they stay sharp, but mostly I don’t realize how dull it has gotten until I put on the new sharp one and feel it slicing through fabric so effortlessly.  With a new blade and a fair amount of determination, all the trimming was done in a few hours.

Here is an illustration of why the trimming is worth it for this quilt.








Trimming the points not only eliminates a lot of bulk where 8 points meet it also helps me line these odd shapes up just right.  It was monotonous to do, but will be worth it now that I can sit and chain sew pieces together.  I’ll have enough units put together soon to show you what the quilt will look like.


  1. Oh so pretty! And look at all those little triangles! Time to get a jar! :)

  2. Can't wait to see what this is going to look like;) I understand the monotany thing...dealing with a bunch of UFO's and stuck on anything more creative than that.
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. A great example of how going the long way around often saves time in the long run! I need to do more of that! ---"Love"


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