Monday, July 30, 2012

Three quilters

Quilting has been happening in fits and starts around here this month, fit in around a few days of camping and a week of painting bedrooms and just enjoying a relaxed summer schedule, but three of us have each sat down at the sewing machine at least once.

IMG_6192DD added two more borders to her quilt.  Though she wanted an inner and an outer border she has discovered that she doesn’t much like pinning them on.  This is why her quiltmaking  stalled in April.  Happily there are only two more to go then we can baste it and get to the part she really wants to do.  She plans to go wild with a walking foot and all the fancy stitches my machine can do but that I don’t use.


IMG_6200As I type DS is finishing his wall quilt.  He paper pieced 3 sizes of fish blocks.  The smallest is one inch finished.  Eek!  He did a good job though.  He also pulled out the graph paper and figured out how to set the blocks the way he wanted, remembering to add seam allowances.  That is the back you see here.  He is going to bind the quilt by turning the sandwich inside out.  For the quilting he also plans to make use of the stitches that I neglect.


IMG_6197This past week I finally got around to finishing the Twister table topper I started in May.  I’m much happier with it now that it is quilted and bound. I tried 5 or 6 different ideas for freemotion quilting the pinwheels but finally decided that they needed the definition that outline quilting would give.




Instead of making progress on any other quilts, I have been mulling over what to do with a stack of fabric I bought on sale in May.  I’m not allowed to touch them until I have run out of projects that are still in the piecing stage.  I think I’m down to just one, so I’ll probably get to the new stuff when the kids go back to school in late August.  I predict a quilting binge in September! :)


  1. Wow, you are all finishing quilts? That's fantastic! We will get to see them all up close and personal, right?


  2. Great job the kids are doing on their quilts!! I like the twister table topper also. I need to get one of those rulers so I can get on board with twisters! They look like fun.

  3. Your Twister table mat is really pretty, and I agree it needed the straight quilting lines. The kids quilts look great too, and I applaud both of them for how well they are doing! ---"Love"

  4. You must be a proud mom with two quilting kids! That's so great that your son isn't afraid to join the fun. (Most boys are - at least in my experience.) I look forward to seeing their finished quilts! And your Twister is great. I agree that the outline quilting was needed and perfect.

  5. What fun to share quilting with your kids! Can't wait to see their work. Have fun!


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