Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just walk away…

Sometimes you just have to walk away and everything just looks better when you come back.

I haven’t been very inspired to quilt this summer.  My blue Kyoto Gardens sat untouched since the end of May. Friday night the sewing bug tickled again so I pulled out that neglected project and proceeded to make half a star block before quitting in disgust.  The pieces just didn’t seem to be fitting together properly and the edges of the block weren’t straight and dog ears appeared where they shouldn’t.  I could visualize this project, with all those cut pieces, languishing as a UFO.  I sulked in its general direction and walked away.

Saturday I came back to my sewing corner and tackled the same block again and it came out exactly as it should.  Go figure.  So I tried another one.  It came out just right as well. *big grin*  Then of course I became obsessed and sewed till way too late last night, then again today chain piecing a gazillion pieces into units for the quilt’s sashing. I couldn’t resist putting everything up on the design wall for a peek.


In the last 2 days I sewed 396 pieces down into 77 units. I think I made progress!

I need to make 7 more star blocks, but they will have to wait a little bit.  My machine is due for its annual cleaning and checkup and it is going into the shop tomorrow.  Of course it didn’t occur to me at all to send it in these past weeks when I really didn’t feel much like sewing!


  1. What a lot of progress! And it's beautiful! Maybe it's best if you never figure out what went wrong earlier; you have it going perfectly now! While your machine is in the shop, maybe you could plan and cut another new project????....Just thinking'! *grin* ---"Love"

  2. I almost think you should make just two more stars, one for your bottom right corner, and one in that second from bottom left side me crazy, or lazy =) it's looking very good!

  3. Walking away is definitely the key sometimes. This quilt is so beautiful (but what have you made that isn't?!), it deserves to be finished. And it looks like you're on a roll and now it won't languish any more.

  4. It is weird how we just get a feeling or a "bug" or something that makes us want to get going on a project that has been languishing. That's what happened with me when I finally got the block swap top put together. Now, I am on a trip, so I won't be working on that, but I did bring several other projects along to work on. I just hope that when I get home, I will get the top quilted and finished quickly.

  5. That will be an amazing quilt! Hope the machine gets back fast!

  6. I think that quilt is one of the prettier blue and white ones I have seen done in recent years....great job;)
    Happy Quilting!!


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