Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That was quick!

IMG_6263Voila!  4 placemats and a runner ready for basting and quilting.  I cut out the fabric on Monday night, I sewed the diamond in a square blocks and sewed a few of them to each other last night and I finished the rest of the seams in about an hour this morning.

This is a very simple pattern , but I really wanted something that would let the prints hog the limelight.  That large leaf print second from the bottom especially could not be cut down much without losing its impact.

When I set these out on the kitchen table to see how they fit, I was frustrated to find they don’t all fit! That’s why you’re getting a photo of them on the floor.  I wanted a skinny runner that would fit on the table at the same time as the placemats.  I finally clued in that I goofed in the planning stages.  I always forget to account for the extra seam allowance all the way around a piece.  In this case that adds up to 1.5 extra inches across the table.  I have small table so that extra matters.

IMG_6254I had planned to bind these in a medium brown but to deal with the extra inch and a half I think I will finish these by sandwiching with the good side down, sew along the edges then turn everything inside out.  No binding.  There must be a name for that – if you know it let me know.

Now I’m off to swat a fly.  It buzzed around me all day yesterday, and again this morning (of course waiting till I had a hot iron in my hand before buzzing in really close) and it is driving me batty!  I think it is slowing down and I might actually get it this time…


  1. Very pretty;) And what a quick finish! I have no idea what the flip and finish technique is actually called either;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. I like them too any chance you could post the cutting instructions? Mum has been asking for a table runner for ages....Karen x

  3. Those turned out so very pretty! Some fabrics were just were not meant to be cut up into little pieces! Those definitely are some of them! ---"Love"

  4. That WAS quick! They're great. I had a fly actually attack and get tangled in my hair at work the other day. I guess they're all crazy this time of year?

  5. I love the placemats and the fabrics you chose. The technique name which I have always heard it called is, birthing a quilt, (or placemat). Keep up the good work.


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