Monday, November 5, 2012

Uh oh!

This is not good.  The budget and the available shelving just cannot handle the start of a new variety of stash.  The fabric is greedy enough. But isn’t this pretty?


This yarn arrived this week.  A very dark green with speckles of colour arrived last week.  The green is turning into a sweater and this lot is turning into a scarf and hat.  And I am definitely not browsing any more yarn aisles or online stores until I have my quilting and knitting UFOs under control!

There has been quilting progress.  In fact I am going to log off the computer as soon as I finish this post and go finish quilting the last of the sashing on Whimsy.  I have quilted a bit of its borders already to test my choice of design, so I have a tiny head start on those to inspire me along the rest of the week.  Maybe by sometime next week it will be ready for binding? No promises.  The sweater or scarf may distract me again!


  1. The yarn has a purpose...that's better than just stashing, right? Now you have to finish the project! :)


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