Blogger’s Quilt Festival

I must have been napping coming up to the last several Blogger’s Quilt Festivals because I missed them. I still had a lot of fun browsing the entries later but this time I paid attention so I could share a quilt too. Thanks to Amy for organizing another festival!

Scattered Leaves

58” x 67”

Designed by Joanne Kerton

Machine pieced and hand quilted by Joanne Kerton

Category: Hand quilted, throw

This is possibly my husband’s favourite quilt and is one of the first I made without a pattern.  It was also the first quilt I added prairie points to.  My husband’s great aunt had given us some of her lovely quilts with prairie points and I loved the way they looked but feared they were complicated.  After I added the green border to Scattered Leaves it still didn’t look finished.  It seemed a little bland somehow.  I decided it needed more triangles to play off the leaf points and thought prairie points might fit the bill.  They really weren’t as terrifying or as fiddly as I had feared and I think they add just the extra element this quilt needed.


Looking through past blogs and pictures I tried to reconstruct this quilt’s timeline.  Let’s see: I started piecing the traditional leaf blocks in November 2008, finished the leaves by April 2009, got around to framing and joining the blocks by the end of August 2009, added prairie points in August 2010, didn’t get to start quilting it until sometime after March 2011, finally put in the last stiches in around mid February 2012, and I just now wrote up the pattern (it’s now on my patterns page).  That was a long time coming!  I’m trying to pick up the pace a little!

Scattered leaves timeline

Now I’m off to browse the other quilts in the festival.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is a beautiful quilt. I love seeing the progress shots.

  2. I really like the colors on this. The quilting makes me think of raindrops on the leaves. Nice work.

  3. I love everything about this quilt. The prairie points look great.

  4. WOW this quilt is so beautiful! Love the colors and the way you used the sashing. Great job!

  5. Such a classic pattern - and you've used it so well here! Love your points, too. Gorgeous!

  6. great quilt! I made a Maple Leaf quilt about 10years ago for my mom in similar colors!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt---just beautiful.

  8. Beautiful quilt I can see why it took a while! love those prairie points too - not seen those before. Thanks for sharing. #263

  9. It is warm and cozy and very pretty! The variation of greens in the sashing along with the warm colors for the leaves are beautiful!

  10. I love this pattern! Great blocks and a beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh my, four years in the making, but well worth it! The prairie points add the right amount of "done" to the quilt. It's beautiful!

  12. I just love the fall colors in this quilt and the boeder. So cute!!

  13. Your persistence has paid off! The quilt is gorgeous, and so is your quilting! The prairie points are the perfect finish for it! ---"Love"

  14. Lovely colors and great quilting.

  15. LOVE Scattered Leaves! I made it for my brother & our 91 year old Aunt hand quilted it! It fits him perfectly! Would love to post a pic if you'd point me in the right direction to do so. Thank you again for this great pattern! <3


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