Monday, October 8, 2012

More fall fabrics

Last week I almost scraped the bottom of the fall fabrics bin. This precipitated a trip to the quilt shop for more, since I still had to add borders to my Autumn Moons fall quilt.  My husband came along for the drive and was very useful for more than carrying around candidate bolts of fabric.  IMG_6259He suggested I remove my glasses to judge if a colour was too bright relative to the rest.  As I am very short-sighted, this worked very well.  I couldn’t see any patterns and shapes, just a blur of colours, and the too-bright orange was very obvious then. Wasn’t it handy that I don’t wear contact lenses! 

Having successfully replenished the fall stash, this is the selection of fabrics I played with today.  I really did need the variety for the border I want, but of course didn’t need the whole width of fabric, so will have a lot left over for some other project at some point.  Such a shame!

Here’s a peek at today’s sewing (don’t mind the points, the units aren’t sewn to each other yet!):


There won’t be flying geese all the way around but they will be a nice accent.  I hope I can get the quilt top done tomorrow then move on to figuring out how I want to quilt it.  I’d like to quilt concentric circles in the circles, but I’m not sure I have enough skill to freemotion those even if I mark them.  I could hand quilt them, but I’m still not done with Whimsy and the Canada Quilt is also awaiting hand quilting. I’ll keep pondering a bit longer, but I would like this quilt finished and on the wall this fall.

Perhaps if I now step away from the computer I can get some quilting done on Whimsy and part of the problem will go away!


  1. Those are gorgeous fall fabrics!

  2. Oh pretty! Good luck with the circles! But I've seen your work and know you can do it!

  3. Love your fabric choices! I'll take the excess off your hands, LOL!


  4. Very pretty fabrics, and a nice little flock of geese too! I have no doubt you'll get your circles perfectly! Go for it! ---"Love"

  5. You can do it!!! Beautiful fabric too!!!

    Carolyn :)


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