Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now for the quilting…



Presenting Autumn Moons, unquilted.  It measures about 47” x 59”. It really does have nice square corners and straight sides.  I just haven’t mastered the art of photographing the wall from straight on.

I still need to prepare the backing and I also need to catch up on home and office chores that I have neglected while I worked on this.  Quilting will wait until at least next week.  This will give me time to waffle some more about how I plan to quilt it!

Speaking of quilting, I have made a bit of progress quilting Whimsy. Here’s my progress chart from three weeks ago and from last night.  I have not been working regularly on this all that time.  Most of the progress was made in 3 or 4 bursts of effort.

Whimsy quilting 2012-09-17Whimsy quilting 2012-10-09


  1. I love how you have the lights playing against the darks; it really sings --- I can almost hear strains of "September Song"! Your progress on Whimsey is going great too! ---"Love"

  2. The geese are great! And it looks like Whimsy is coming along nicely, if slowly. You'll get there.

  3. ooohh great combination of blocks perfect name for the quilt


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