Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The other kind of needles

Whimsy is coming along, slowly but surely.  On some days I spend hours hand quilting and on others I don’t pick up a quilting needle at all, but the end is in sight.  On some of the days off from quilting this week I picked up a different kind of UFO and different kinds of needles.


These socks had been languishing on my knitting needles since last spring.  One sock was done except for grafting the toe, and the second wasn’t quite down to the heel.  I’m glad I hadn’t grafted the toe of the finished sock because in the months that I forgot about them, dear daughter had a growth spurt and added over an inch to the length of her foot.  I had to unravel some knitting and add a little lot more length.

I enjoyed clicking the needles together, so I think that once the multi-year adventure that is Whimsy is finished I will start another knitting project. I would like to finish a project in less than several months or years so I’m thinking of a bulky sweater in chunky yarn that will knit up quickly for faster gratification!


  1. Nice socks! Knitting is very enjoyable too and a sweater would be good for the winter.

  2. Pretty colors! Always loved variegated yarn but I don't like to knit or crochet!


  3. So pretty! I don't knit or crochet either, but those are beautiful. Maybe someday I will give it a try again. I doubt it!

  4. I couldn't do that if my life depended on it! ---"Love"


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