70 of these?

Sometime in the last week of December I printed out six or seven quilt designs for my son to choose from for his next quilt.   The next day I went to the quilt shop to enjoy their storewide sale and came home with everything but the backing for the quilt he chose.  I even treated myself to a new ruler that I thought might make cutting easier than using templates.



Over the next several weeks I was sidetracked by Sparkling Strings and another project that I can’t show you right now.  This morning I decided it was time to try out the new tool (it’s the large kaleidoscope triangle ruler by Marti Michell).


These are not my son’s fabric choices!  I thought I should make a test kaleidoscope block before cutting into those pretties, to be sure I could make a decent one. The instructions included with the ruler were great and my block lies nice and flat despite all those seams meeting in the middle.  The center as seen on the back is nowhere near as tidy as the drawing in the instructions implies it should be but it is pretty flat and no one is going to be inspecting the reverse once the blocks are sewn into the quilt, right?

Now I need to decide if I want to make 70 of these.  That’s how many my planned design needs.  It wasn’t a quick block to make, but not the most time consuming either.  If I get chain piecing maybe it wouldn’t take too long.  Even if it does, I suppose a little challenge is good for the quilter’s soul once in while.  Maybe I’ll do a bit of fabric cutting later today.

I’m linking up for Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River. (I’d add her button here but  I’m not quite sure how to embed that in a post.  Something new to go figure out sometime…)


  1. That block looks wonderfully flat from the front.

    As for embedding html into a post - when you write on blogspot, there's a toggle in the upper left corner for compose and HTML. Throw it into HTML mode, figure out where you want the button, past the HTML the same way you put it into the side bar, and then put yourself back into Compose mode. Voila! button. (Moving it around to where you want it exactly... that's a bit more work.).

    I can't wait to see your other projects.

  2. Great block and you did a very good job on it. I think you should go ahead with your design. It is for your son and I am pretty sure he will appreciate the effort and the quilt!

  3. That's a pretty rainbow of fabrics! The ruler looks interesting, once you get the hang of it maybe you could do a little tutorial and show us how it works!

  4. I think you should go for it and do all the blocks as you did great on the sample one. I have that ruler too-have I made one, not yet!

  5. Great looking practice block. Center turned out perfectly. Points look good.

  6. 70 of those kaleidoscope blocks looks like a LOT of work. The end result will look fabulous though!

  7. Your block came out great! I did a twin size last year and really need to start another for a graduation quilt this year. I don't have the ruler but it really does go quickly for the sewing. I got my instructions from 'Don't call me Betsy's' blog. http://www.dontcallmebetsy.com/2011/06/kaleidoscope-qal-start-your-rotary.html

  8. Go for it, girl; you'll finish them in no time! What a fun quilt it will be, both for you and your son! ---"Love"

  9. I'm sure with chain piecing, you'll have it put together in no time! Looks interesting.

  10. Your son is worth it! And the block in those brights is going to be amazing and worth the effort. Keep us posted with the progress!

  11. What a pretty block. 70 of them would be stunning!

  12. Neat block and it is nice to see I'm not the only one who makes a practice block first! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  13. With those bright colors, I think the effort will be well worth it. It will be spectacular!

  14. It's a good design but definitely lots of work. It's good to know that the ruler worked. Those special rulers can be expensive.

  15. It is a really fab block, I've never tried a speciality ruler


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