Quilting complete!

I just put the last hand quilted stitch in my Canada Quilt!



The lighting at 10:30 pm is not doing the colours justice but it sure shows off the quilting texture. I’m very happy with how this turned out, despite wondering halfway through, and again at 3/4 of the way and again and again, why I chose to quilt it so densely.  In the end it was worth it. 

Tomorrow I will trim it and add the binding, which I uncharacteristically prepared before I started the quilting.  Then I will hold my breath and hope it doesn’t wave at me when it hangs on the wall!  It was flat before I started the quilting and I did aim for more or less even quilting density, so I am hopeful.  If it does wave, perhaps I can try blocking the quilt.  I’ve read online recently that that is very helpful to make hanging quilts hang properly.  Do any of you have any advice about this?


  1. Congratulations on a spectacular finish! The texture is amazing. It must have taken forever to quilt it but so very worth it!

  2. Ohhh fantastic quilting. I am not good at blocking things so afraid I haved nothing to offer.
    I finally figured out that I can follow you in blogger but not bloglovin. I hadn't been checking both feeds but I will be now.

  3. Fantastic...your quilting is fabulous!

    Well...all I can say about it waving to you from the wall is that it is Canadian after all and we are a friendly lot. :)

    I do hope that it hangs straight and even and no waves!

  4. The quilt is awesome and the quilting is wonderful! I have only blocked one or two small quilts and it does help with the waviness. Hopefully, you won't need it anyway.

  5. I can't comment on the waving, but the quilting is out of this world. Look at all that stitching! I can see why you doubted yourself as you worked on it, but I'm glad you did it.

  6. I have a friend that adds 2 triangle pockets to the bottom of the quilt. She folds squares and sews them into the binding. Because they are folded in half they have finished edges. She then puts a small dowel spanning across the quilt resting in the pocket. This keeps the quilt the right size across the bottom and also weights the vertical edges so they ripple less.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! What a treasure! You should be very proud of yourself! ---"Love"

  8. So pretty and your choice to quilt it so densely was definitely the right one!

  9. Beautiful job! I love how your quilt turned out. Sorry no help on the blocking from me.

  10. Joanne, it's a triumph! Well worth all the effort taken to piece and quilt it. Any chance I can pop 'round for some lessons in hand quilting?

  11. Oh, your quilt is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job quilting it.

  12. It looks beautiful from here! Cant wait to see more photos!


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