Snowalong Week 6!

Snowflake 7 cropped square
This is it folks!  Here’s Snowflake 7, the last snowflake block pattern in the Snowalong series.  I’ve included 4 versions for this one.  Again, all the versions use the same set of paper piecing templates.

Snowflake 7 v1Snowflake 7 v2Snowflake 7 v3Snowflake 7 v4

This pattern and last week’s combined pattern for Snowflakes 5 and 6 are available free in my Payhip store.  Snowflake 7 will be free through November 16.  Snowflakes 5 and 6 are still free through next Monday.

Update June 23, 2019: Snowflake 7 is now available as part of the Snowflakes Sampler Set 3 or Snowflake Blocks Complete Set, both available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


There is a change in plans concerning the Snowalong linky parties.  My Linky Tools free trial subscription is coming to an end and while I was happy to pay for a subscription to enable sharing in the Snowalong,  I’m less inclined to do so when there isn’t much sharing happening.  So, I’ve updated the Snowalong page to reflect that there will not be any more linky parties.


Some of you have let me know that you plan to make some blocks in the future but just can’t fit it into your busy days right now.  I know how that goes!  (Let’s not look at the list of projects I want to start.)  I’d still love to see what you make when you find time to make them, so please leave a comment or send me an email (address is on the sidebar) when you have a flake to share, and I’ll be happy to share a link to your post in a post here on my blog.  Also, the Facebook group will remain, and you can post there anytime.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the snowflakes I’ve shared as much as I’ve enjoyed designing them!


  1. Beautiful! Love the variations. You've shared some beautiful patterns. I hope I can get to them before the snow flies NEXT year! : )

  2. I have loved seeing everyone's snowflakes. I hope to add another this week and one next week so I can finish my little runner. Then a quilt of all the flakes starting in January =) Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pattern Joanne.

  3. The patterns are beautiful. They go together so easily. One table runner made so far, with a second in the works. I'll post photos when they are completed.

  4. Love to follow your Snow-along. I'm amking crochet snowflakes for my booth decoration atm. Come over and have a look: :)

  5. Well, thank you so much for doing this Joanne! It's nicer to have these pretty snowflakes inside my house, as opposed to outside! Will keep you posted on what other projects I create with them.

  6. Thank you for these. I've collected all of them for "some day". I do love paper piecing.

  7. All your snowflakes looks great! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Those snowflakes are looking fabulous. I like the two colour scheme. That never happens in my house as I am a scrappy quilter.

  9. I also love that there are 4 versions to each pattern. Very creative.

  10. I'd never be able to choose a favorite! I love them all. I just don't have the time or skill to even try them. You've created some real beauties! ---"Love"

  11. I love this project! Will you be doing another "Sew-A-Long" in 2015? I would like to put it on my list if you are.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I don't have any solid plans for a 2015 sewalong at this point. I'll have to see if inspiration strikes, but if it does I'll be blogging about it ahead of time.


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