Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fun finish

Sweet little Hoot has borders and edging.  It’s small, only 11” without the prairie points.  Now I just need to decide where and how to hang it.  My daughter is lobbying hard for her room as the location, though I think the sewing room needs a little whimsy!


Hmmm.  I think I might go back and add a little free-motion something in the blue border.  I meant to initially, then thought it would be too much, and now I’m reconsidering again.

There was quite a bit of hemming and hawing involved in getting this little quilt done.  I knew it wanted prairie points but went through a few point layouts before deciding the details.


I wanted to try denser prairie points than I have in the past, with different colors peeking from behind the points on the front. The first one was too blue.  The second was better, but still not quite right.  Too crowded maybe.

OK fine, I guess I don’t like dense prairie points!  Or maybe they were just too dense for such a small project.  Back to my usual more widely distributed points.

Then there was option 4, which appeared after I sewed the points to the quilt top. (By the way, I sew my points to the quilt top before I layer and quilt. I just didn’t get a picture of option 4 until after I quilted things.)


I think this would have been cute just like this too, with the points pointing in, and binding to finish off the edges. However, besides having way too much fun working with this little owl, I was on a mission to take pictures for a tutorial on finishing a quilt edge with prairie points, so Hoot got regular points.

Stay tuned for the tutorial.  Hopefully tomorrow if I can finish up less fun jobs and get writing!

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PS: Owl applique design is half of “Big Bro” Owl Applique by Five Sprouts Stitching.


  1. This is super cute! I can see why your daughter wants it in her room. I'm curious about where it will end up.

  2. Hootie is adorable! And what a great idea to use the prairie points to jazz him up a bit. Love it! And you are right.... the points would have been really cute pointing into the quilt, too. Wonderful!

  3. Very cute! I agree - I don't like the denser prairie points on this project. I like what you picked.

  4. The owl came out really cute! Maybe you need to make another like the final picture for your daughter? Good luck.

  5. Cute. You picked great colors and the prairie points are a nice touch.

  6. The sweet little hoot is adorable! I think you probably made the right choice. The more dense ones were a little much for the small piece I think. The last picture would have been great too, giving the appearance of a matted frame around him. I could settle the hanging place for you real easy. Then you and your daughter wouldn't have to even discuss that any further. *grin* ---"Love"

  7. Owls are so trendy right now, and yours is adorable. I love all the background quilting. Does your daughter have a favourite colour -- you could secretly make a second one for her birthday.

  8. Your little owl is soooooooo cute! ! ! The colors you used are wonderful and the prairie points finish it off so well. I think you need it in your sewing room, too. What a fun little project!

  9. He's a sweetie! It's interesting what a difference colour and placement can make to the project.


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