Shrinking, but not how you think

I wanted to try some of my designs in alternate colorways but really don’t have the budget for that much fabric, or the space to store or display many more quilts.  Last weekend it occurred to me that I could remake quilts in a smaller size. Not just make fewer blocks, but just shrink everything.

Here’s the finished top for a shrunken Sparkling Trail.


The original Sparkling Trail measures 59” x 75”.  This one measures about 29.5” x 37”.   These aren’t my usual colors, and hubby was a bit hesitant to endorse this one!  The kids thought it looked good though.  I was quite surprised that I had all these black scraps in my stash.  I think most of them are leftovers from making my Geese Across the Table placemats and runner.

Next up, I think I’ll try it in 1930’s reproductions for a completely different feel.  But first maybe something with my Jelly Bean Stars block and sashing.  Or…well, you saw the fabric in my last post.  I have options!


  1. What a great idea. And I absolutely LOVE the colors in this one.

  2. Joanne, that's a great idea. Could you share what size you cut your pieces? I want to try this in a smaller size. Also, have thirties prints that I could use. Thanks.

  3. Using up scraps and making different colour ways, that's a win-win situation. Bonus for us is that we get to see how the pattern looks in different colour combinations. Looks like you'll have to start including size options in your patterns.

  4. Yes! It is a great idea and I love the colors - of course, I love anything patriotic looking,

  5. A great idea indeed! Like Ruth, I love the patriotic look! ---"Love"

  6. I think it looks great!! love the colors

  7. Love it in the small size. It would look good with a star of every color..... just saying =).

  8. What a great idea! But I get frustrated making the same pattern twice, so I give you lots of credit for being willing to keep going. Of course, I suppose that's part of the pattern design and marketing plan...guess that means I'll never be a pattern designer! I love the black and red, though, and look forward to the next version, too.

  9. Love the mini...the colors are great;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  10. Although these aren't my go-to colours, they just pop, and I love the whole top! I love how you did the outer border. You will have to share this on Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework's Oh Scrap! linky on Sunday!

  11. Joanne, that is a great idea! Sparkling stars looks wonderful in this rendition too. Black and red will always be a classic combination. It's amazing that you had so much variety in scraps for just these two colors.


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