Friday, May 22, 2015

Second guessing

I made the first block for this quilt as a sample, just to see what it might look like.  I liked the design and I liked the colours and liked the prints so I decided to work it up into a quilt.  I drew it in EQ first and played around with colours and layouts, so I’d know exactly what I was planning.

When I made another block, I thought it might look too bland to have the whole background the same, so I headed off to the quilt shop for more yellows.  Then I looked at it all again and decided the yellows were awfully bright so I went back to the store for a more subdued yellow to toss into the mix to maybe calm things down.


I just finished making the blocks and now that they are all up on the wall I think I should have had more of that calmer yellow.  Or maybe all the same background after all.  And I wish I had reversed the fabric for the small and large stars.  I considered that choice very carefully at the beginning and thought I had gotten it right, but while it was just right for a single block, I think it would be better the other way around in the whole quilt.

I think this needs a border in the same grey as the sashing, but of course that isn’t what I had originally planned so I don’t have enough of that fabric!  There’s another trip to the quilt shop in the near future.  I hope there is still some of that grey left!

Cubby stars

I’m buying extra this time because I may end up setting this on point for a long twin size quilt.  That will require some pieced setting triangles.  Again, this is not what I had planned!


I can see what I want it to look like in my mind’s eye, I just need to get it there in reality.  There might be a version 2 of this quilt down the road to get it right!


  1. It's looking great and I'm sure you will get it figured out. Of course, love the stars!

  2. So many trips to the fabric store! I like it with the borders. I see what you mean about the calmer yellow. From the photos, though, they all seem to work well. Too many choices! Regardless, what you have so far is very pretty.

  3. Interesting how our processes work isn't it - it's looking great so far - I look forward to seeing what else you do with it :-)

  4. Isn't it amazing what we see when we take a quilt from sketch to reality? Such a cool process. Loved see it evolve, and I like the on point idea! The cluster of 4 stars seems to dance around the central star. Like orbit.... In the straight-on version, I see them more as sashing, like a grid. And hmm, yes, I think I agree that the large stars would have been better in the dark colour. Oh darn on the having to go back to the LQS, lol.

  5. I really like what you've done. The dark smaller stars seem to draw my eyes more than the large stars, so I'm wondering if maybe a border from the large star fabric would draw out the large stars more; (...just thinking....). I could live very easily with it just as it is now Of course, it's always fun to go back to the fabric store, isn't it? ---"Love"

  6. Oh, I like it on point, it is so pretty and soft. Putting it on point really changes the look. I like the idea of switching the darker color into the stars. The borders really frame it nicely. You are on the right track, it will be fun to see version two. I think you will get a second one made. Enjoy the process, that makes it all fun.

  7. I rather like it as it is. I guess we see our own quilts differently. I'm struggling with a border I made for a quilt which I'm just not happy with. Since you are making it for yourself, it's you that has to be satisfied with it I guess.

  8. I like the variation of yellows. It looks subtle from over here. While I like the addition of the borders, I really like the on point. Either way, it really looks like a cute, cheerful quilt.

  9. Ah "Designing By the Seat of Our Pants". Don't you love it and and find it a little daunting at the same time? I go through the same process too Joanne. And it is really tricky how things change from block to quilt. I do however really love this quilt and the blend of yellows and grey! that extra line of grey sashing will be just the right touch.

  10. Love the yellow and grey together. Never would have thought to put those two together but love the calming colors. Just needs a dark grey binding on the straight set. Will be watching to see how you decide to finish it off.... I can see this with blue and yellow =)

  11. I love everything about this, the pattern especially but those colors together are scrumptious!! Yes I think you need to do the borders too!


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