Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ah, summer!

Summer is here and sewing has slowed right down!  I did get these three Scrappy Trip blocks sewn for Diana’s Golden Needle


Diana is a Girl Scout working on her Gold Award (think Girl Scout equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle Award).  She is making quilts, using Bonny Hunter’s free Scrappy Trips pattern, for teens who are aging out of the foster care system and she is raising awareness of foster care and adoption. If you might like to contribute, click on the link above to read more about her project.  My daughter is a Girl Scout (who just earned her Silver Award, whoot whoot!), I was a Girl Guide, my mom was a Girl Guide…I just had to help out with this one!

Besides that, not much has been happening in my sewing room as I have been enjoying summer in the garden instead.

Evening primroseIMG_9622HollyhockDaylilies, petunias, founbtain grass, purple salviaPurple fountain grass, petunia, creeping jennyBirdbath gardenBackyard security patrol

I love that red hollyhock.  It’s new this year.  I hope it will grow as tall and wide as the plant tag claimed, because more of those red blooms would be gorgeous.

You can see the Backyard Security Officer in the last picture.  Rosie does a pretty good job keeping the riffraff out of the yard (that would be rabbits and squirrels).  She leaps over flower beds in a single bound to chase those intruders away.  It’s hilarious to watch.  Just the word “squirrel” sends her racing to the back door.  Don’t worry, the critters get plenty to eat when she’s not out.  I can tell by the empty bird feeders and the munched vegetation.

Right now it’s dark and the mosquitos are out in force, so I’ll just go root through some scrap fabric bins and see what happens in the sewing room.


  1. Nice blocks! I've been wanting to make one of those quilts - it's on my list! Love your garden, especially the holly hocks. I planted some holly hock seeds and am hoping they will grow. There is at least one of them sprouting. You must be comforted knowing that Rosie is taking care of things. ;-)

  2. The three scrappy blocks are very pretty, they will make a nice addition to the project quilts. I know she is putting in a lot of work on that. My son is an Eagle Scout and I am a three "beader" from Wood Badge. That reminds me I have a Scout quilt I have never shown, I should dig it out and post pics on my blog someday. Your flowers are lovely, I mostly garden in pots but love my flowers. Hope you had some fun in your sewing room!

  3. You've made some very pretty blocks for a worthy project. Your flowers are beautiful! Very unlike mine this year! Late freezes and 30 straight days of rain have about ruined mine. Only the weeds are doing exceptionally well! ---"Love"

  4. What a terrific project for a young person to become involved with. Your hollyhocks are gorgeous. Miss Rosie is a such a cutie.

  5. Your gardens are beautiful! Our Stella alerts at the word squirrel too--we have to spell it or she goes nuts.

  6. Pretty blocks Joanne!
    Rosie is too cute! Our dogs do the same thing. If I whisper the word "Squirrel" they are off like a shot. You yard looks very beautiful! I love hollyhocks.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful! I checked out her FB page - what a cool project! I think she is going to hit her goal long before her set deadline :)

    The pictures of your garden are just lovely! Summer is not flower friendly here in the desert :( Hollyhocks are a favorite and yours is gorgeous!

  8. What a great project idea. My son will be working on his eagle in the next year. I've already asked him if he would do something quilty. :)


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