Friday, October 9, 2015

New-to-me colour

Working in the quilt shop has encouraged me to stretch a little bit in the colours I use.  Half the floor space at the Quilting Connection is dedicated to fabrics grouped by colour, plus batiks.  It’s my favourite side of the store, but somehow I always gravitated to the same part.  There is a lot of blue in my stash!

A few weeks ago a customer requested help choosing purple, blue and green.  Lots of purples and just a few light blues and greens.  Yum!  Those colours stacked together on her cart looked scrumptious.


This isn’t her collection, but when I needed fabric for the class I am teaching on Saturday, I headed for the purple, blue and green batiks.  I’m going to cut some up today, more in class tomorrow to demonstrate cutting 60 degree angle, and start putting together another version of Sparkling Trail as I teach how to make it.  We’ll see how I do with purples!

Next up, yellows and orange, unless my daughter changes her mind about what she would like in her next quilt!


  1. These colors are way out of my comfort zone. I would love working in a quilt shop but would be so dangerous for my wallet. I would leave the end of the week without a paycheck and owing money!

  2. Yes, lots of blues and greens in my stash. I try to buy yellows and oranges when I think of it, just to stretch my palette. I look forward to see what you come up with!

  3. This is a beautiful fabric pull. I love the purples with blues and greens. Have fun!

  4. That's a gorgeous stack of fabric! Of course, you always have beautiful and cheerful colors in all your quilts! Must be fun (and tempting) to work in a fabric shop! Have fun! ---"Love"

  5. So glad you are reaching out to new colors.... try purple and yellow - they look great together in batiks.

  6. I thinks batiks are a good choice for branching out into new colours as each fabric has a range of saturation. Sparkling Trail will look amazing in this selection.

  7. Pretty soon you will love ALL the colors and you will be looking for new places to tuck your stash! :)


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