Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snowed under again

I suppose that could imply snowstorms, but it’s still a little early for those.  It could mean that my list of things that need doing is looking a bit overwhelming.  That’s a bit closer to the truth.  OK, that’s pretty accurate right now!  However, what I meant is that snowflakes are back in my sewing room.  They arrived a bit earlier than last year.

You already had a peek at Snowflake Tree Skirt #1.  I decided to add borders after all. People can just add fewer borders if they need it smaller.


The metallic gold fabric looks prettier in person.  I’m not usually a huge fan of sparkly stuff and metallic fabric, but I make an exception for Christmas!

IMG_0079Now I have this little stack of fabric waiting by the sewing machine.  I have to see this in Christmassy red too!  In addition to that motivation I want to see how the measuring works out using smaller snowflake blocks.  If the measurements for the setting pieces are not too fiddly (like sixteenths of an inch, for example)  I could include a smaller size option in the pattern, for a tiny tree or as a table topper.  However, I need to test it before I commit to it in a pattern.  Oh darn, more sewing!

That’s not enough.  Before I settled on this layout I was playing around with the snowflake blocks, and dismissed this idea because it would be too small for a tree skirt.  Now that I am thinking smaller tree or table topper, I think I might revisit it…


And how would it look with some of my other snowflake designs

And I still plan to do something with Winter Moons.

And I really want to work on a project that doesn’t involve paper piecing!  This one is patiently waiting…

And I really really need to make progress finish hand quilting my son’s kaleidoscope quilt.  It’s cooling off in the evenings again so that is sounding more appealing.

How do I order extra hours for each day?  In there an online shop for those?


  1. I love the addition of the borders on your Snowflake Tree Skirt. It is gorgeous! Your smaller tree skirt is adorable! It would be a great table topper, too. Have fun playing with your fabrics!

  2. I love how it turned out! And will look forward to seeing a smaller version. Let me know if you find the shop where you can order more hours in a day. I thought I would get more hours when I retired, but somehow that didn't materialize!

  3. I really like the gold strip. I can't wait to see what your smaller skirt looks like.

    LOL - I know the feeling of being snowed under with projects! There's just not enough time in the day! I look forward to your next creations (and finishes).

  4. The borders do look so pretty around the tree skirt. Have fun with more fabric snow.

  5. Your plans seem as overloaded as my own! (But you seem to accomplish much more in a shorter time than I can.) Both the tree skirts are very special; no doubt whatever you finish next will be too! If you find it, send me the link for getting more hours, please! ---"Love"

  6. The borders really set the centre of the tree skirt off really well. I love the idea of a smaller table topper as well.

  7. The more you play with your wonderful snowflake patterns, the more we see how very versatile they are! I love the tree skirt and the table topper!
    You fooled me Joanne - i thought from the title that you really did have snow already, LOL.

  8. If you ever find that quilt shop that sells extra hours in the day let me know- I'll order some too! I think the snowflake tree skirt needed the extra borders, they look great and metallic sparkly is definitely allowed at Christmas. Like you I have outstanding projects to finish (ticked another off the list yesterday) but then I don't have the distraction of designing new quilts *chuckle*

  9. I love it!! The gold accent stripe is perfect. I don't know about you, but I know where my extra hours can be found . . . I just need to tear myself away from all the blogs I follow with all the beautiful accomplishments being posted!! :o)

  10. I didn't think it could get better with borders, but I was wrong! I love the addition, but it's great that leaving them off can give you a finished, smaller skirt, too. And this having too many projects to work on? Never heard of it...cough, cough, cough...


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