Friday, September 18, 2015

Pondering size

For the first time in what seems like forever I was able to indulge in a full day of uninterrupted sewing!  I feel energized!

I worked on the snowflake Christmas tree skirt I mentioned a few weeks ago.


The photo doesn’t do the fabrics justice.  The green isn’t a plain little dot on green background.  There are swirls and gold stars in there!  The light fabric has faint holly and gold speckles.

How big should a Christmas tree skirt be?  This measures 42.5” side to side, or 49” point to point.  I had planned to add a border in a different green, but the skirt already seems so big on the wall that I hesitate.  I really don’t want to dig out my Christmas tree to test it, but that might be what I need to do!  I plan to write a pattern for this one and I want it to be a size that people can use.  I suppose it all depends on the tree, and I could make the borders optional.  Skinny trees could skip the border, and fuller trees could keep it.

Then there’s the question of a hole in the center.  How big should that be?  I suppose I could offer options there too.  Decisions, decisions!

While I decide, I’ll back up to fall from Christmas.  I have finished writing the pattern for Autumn Moons and 4 lovely quilters have tested the pattern for me.  I have pictures to share next time!  I’m always surprised at how fabric choice changes the feel of a quilt, and I love every variation!

Happy fall!


  1. Stunning! You are just too clever for words.

  2. I love the tree skirt! I checked a pattern I have that is for table toppers and tree skirts. The tree skirt measures 40-47" and they say to make a 4-5" hole in the center, which seems good to me. I have made tree skirts, but didn't use a pattern and without going to the shed and digging it out of a box, I was estimating that it might be about 48" in diameter. I think I used a cup to draw a circle for the hole, probably about 4". Personally, I wouldn't add a border, but it wouldn't hurt to make it an option. I think your pattern will be very popular! Good luck with it!

  3. Love the tree skirt Joanne! I need to do something with my snowflake blocks that did not get given away. They are too pretty to not have in a quilt or a runner or a tablecloth...maybe a tree skirt. Looking forward to seeing the renditions of your pattern!

  4. I can't help you with sizing, but I love how it looks!

  5. I have no answers for you but this looks nice and crisp!

  6. Gee that looks good! I'm always a go big or go home kind of girl. I like a voluptuous look on the Christmas tree. Prehaps your exiting décor might help you decide? Looking forward to seeing more of Autumn Moons.

  7. I dug my two large tree skirts from the cedar chest. My big sunroom tree goes out about 40" from the window, and it's tree skirt is 42" wide. When pulled up a bit at the base, it comes almost out to the edge of the branches, (maybe 2-3" shorter than the branches), and I think it looks nice like that. It is split from one side up to the middle where it has a hole about 3-4". It has velcro at the hole, the outside edge, and again about middle way, which works well on the back side of the tree. That way I don't have to fight the tree stand with the little hole.

    Hope this gives you another idea.


  8. Sorry, I got a phone call and hit Publish too soon! In fact, I really don't even know if what I sent makes sense! *frown* I meant to say also that your tree skirt looks great to me just like it is. I really don't think it needs another border. ---"Love"

  9. Such a pretty tree skirt. I'd want to put my presents elsewhere so I could show it off! I have no suggestions for size, but I do like your idea of making a few options for those who have bigger trees (or more presents). I'm excited to see your newest pattern in various colors, too. Though I don't stop by as often as I used to, I'm trying to keep an eye on everyone!

  10. Your tree skirt is beautiful. I purposely made mine small last year and it is 36 inches side to side and 42 point to point. So I think the way you have it is great.

  11. My gift to give for weddings, when appropriate, is a quilted Christmas tree skirt. I love your pattern!! Love the idea of having the option to add the borders or not. Some trees have a larger circumference and would need a larger tree skirt. Yours is just beautiful.


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