Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn Moons pattern!

At last, Autumn Moons has a pattern! 

Autumn Moons

This quilt grew out of my first experience sewing curves in September 2012.  Those practice units turned into a quilt, which was finally quilted and bound in October 2013.  Now it finally has a pattern.  Maybe good things take time to develop?

Thank you to my fabulous pattern testers:  Ann, Jennifer, Carol and Fraley.  They answered a call for testers that I posted on a Facebook quilting page, worked fast, and gave me valuable feedback so that the drunkard’s path templates are now properly sized, the diagrams are colored correctly, and I know the fabric amounts I quote will work.

Aren’t these quilt tops gorgeous? 

AnnFraley 1Jennifer

First on the left is Ann’s.  She hand-pieced this lovely top in less than 2 weeks!  She used the piec-lique technique for the drunkard’s path and asked me to add seam lines to my templates to make it easier for people to use alternate curved piecing methods.  Done!  Ann has also hand-quilted this, and has promised me photos.  I’ll be sure to share those! 

In the middle is Fraley’s quilt top. I love the rich deep colors she chose. Fraley is a quilter and soapmaker.  Visit her blog to see her pretty soaps.  She plans to start sharing her quilting there as well, so please welcome her to Quilting Blogland!  I’m hoping she will share pictures of her long arm quilting, and of the blue and white and larger Autumn Moons she is planning.

On the right you see Jennifer’s quilt.  Doesn’t she have a way with color? I love her fabric choices!  I definitely thought of this designs as a fall design, but in Jennifer’s I see spring too.  Possibilities, possibilities….

I don’t have photos of Carol’s work to share but she encouraged me to share her experience with curves.  Carol was my “never sewed curves tester”.  I needed to know how daunting this would be for someone new to curves.  There was bump at the beginning, getting her mind around how the templates should fit together, but in her words she “would have never thought it was this easy. The very first one came out perfect.   She is now “sewing curves like crazy”.  If you are on the fence about trying curves, be inspired by Carol and give them a shot.  I recommend this site for video tutorials to get you started.

The pattern is now available in my Craftsy and Payhip shops.


  1. What a great pattern and how fabulous do each of the versions look! it would look terrific in batiks. You are a real talent Joanne!

  2. Looks great! Congrats on the completed pattern.

  3. Three lovely quilts from a great pattern! How proud you should be to be able to write such detailed patterns. You take the cake! ---"Love"

  4. Mmm, what a lovely pattern Joanne! I like seeing the three testers' versions, all great with colour. Knowing you, your instructions and math are impeccable. Yay for another pattern!

  5. Congrats on getting the pattern finished. It is fun seeing it in different colors.

  6. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing a pattern in different fabrics, amazing how different the same pattern can look with different fabric choices. Congrats on getting it finished, it is a beautiful quilt :)

  7. Beautiful quilts all around. Curves scare me...... maybe when I am feeling adventurous I'll have to give them a try. You are one talented artist Joanne.

  8. May be a little behind the times here, but congrats on the quilt pattern publication!! Must be totally exciting:)
    Happy Quilting!!


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